Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Ultimate!

So, I came up to school this semester with no intent of doing sports...I just wanted to ease my way back into things. Well....that didn't happen! I am playing on an Ultimate Frisbee team and absolutely LOVE it! It is so fun and my teammates are 100% amazing! And to make it even better....we are undefeated so far! YEAH!

These pictures uploaded backwards...and I don't know how to switch the order of them, so here we go!

This first on is my team after our game today! It was our last game of the season, and we play in the championship tourney next weekend! Today we won 13-1....pretty much dominated! It is me, Tiare, Amanda, Tiffany, Rachel, Sarah Kay, Emily, Shannon, and we are missing Timber...she had to leave early.
This picture is really small, but that is me catching the frisbee in the end zone! The orange team are the Hurricanes....and I won't say much about them. But, they are way good, just little pansies and call everything...but hey, we won, and we played fair. So, enough said.

Another action shot. The girl guarding me here is WAY good! I played ball with her before the mission and she is great!

Lastly, this was a few weeks ago, before it started hailing at our game!! It got overcast and cloudy within just a few minutes. And the cute little boy I am holding is Beck...he is our team Mascot!!! I love this kid!

Anyway...some of these pictures aren't very clear, but it was worth a shot...I will get some more good ones to post.
Well...tomorrow is sunday, which means church, ward prayer, some reading (Armor!! SO good! Everyone should read it!!!!!), and then a nap!! Gotta love it!

Monday, June 15, 2009


Some days it seems like the school work is never ending, but today, fortunately, I have a few minutes. I love these kinds of days. I probably should be doing homework today, but with crazy teachers for my disease class, and cadavers and muscles in anatomy I am wanting a little break from studying before I dive back into it!

I recently made a decision to stay up at school for the fall, and take one class for another minor with CES that I am starting up, and work for a bit. I am excited to stay up here and I really feel like it is what I should be doing, so that is good. I wanted to go home since I was home for only a short time after the mission, but my parents will just have to come up here, heh?

I am reading a really good book in my spare time......wait...spare time?? Not really...but a few minutes each night I should say...and it is called Armor by Kim B. Clark, and it is all about putting on the full armor of God like it talks about in Ephesians. It is a really good book and I just started it but I have already learned so much. I have come to really appreciate time to read a good book because of the things you can learn and the way that you can get direction to know what to do as you read. It is amazing how the Lord works...isn't it!

Well, my brother just got home from his mission on Friday and I can't WAIT to go back to California to see him and the rest of the family! I am going home for five days over the fourth of July...and I am so so so excited!! I need to get out of Rexburg for a few days! Hopefully soon I can make it down to Utah to see Lancaster and some other people!! That would be grand.

Well..other then the fact that it has been raining for about 10 days straight is going reall good! 5 weeks till the semester is over....I have survived so far!! It can continue!!! Well...for now, I better get back to homework! My break is up!

I will post some pictures of Ultimate and other adventures shortly!!


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Here we go again!

Ok, so my last blog got all messed up so we will see how this one goes! I don't have time right now but hopefullyI will have this one all ready and cute pretty soon. I will work on it and do a good update soon!