Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Much Needed Road Trip

So I went to Utah a couple weekends ago and had a BLAST!! It was so much fun! It was a much needed vacation from life here in Rexburg. These aren't all the pictures, but it is taking a long time to upload them right now so here are a few! ENJOY!!

I got to hang out with lots of fun people, and a really cute baby!! I can't wait till they get back in town!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

How To......


Doctors and people are always trying to tell us how to prevent the swine flu. You know the answers, in fact, you could probably say them with me.

1. First and foremost: Wash your hands LOTS
2. PLEASE!!! Dont sneeze like this:

3. Use hand sanitizer

.....the list goes on and on.

However....I have never been cautioned not to do this:

So, what doctors aren't telling us is that the real way to prevent the swine flu is to NOT follow this little tikes' example, and life will be good.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Say Hello to.............................

It seems like ever since the mission, my life has just been crazy. Everything from speaking at EFY, to completing another semester of school, to surgery, and whatever else has happened, I have really been kept on my toes.

I have also been looking really hard for a job....with no success. Until now.........................

Last week my teacher called me in and asked if I wanted to try for a teaching job that was opening up. Sure! So all last week, monday through friday, I taught seminary at a High School in Rigby. It went well, but I wasn't sure that I had really nailed it down. However....I got called in to my teachers office again today, and I got the job! So, say hello to the newest seminary and institute teacher for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! I am so excited!

I am getting thrown into a pretty tough situation, so it will definitely have its challenges, but I am excited to see what happens and what the Lord has in store. It is only part-time, but I get paid REALLY well.....and it should be really fun!!

Once again, I am surprised at the blessings I receive...so many people were way more qualified to have this job...so I am going to need the Lord's help, but I feel like this could be the start to something GREAT!


Friday, October 2, 2009

Recent Adventures!

The last few weeks haven't been TOO exciting, but I have had a few fun adventures. One week I tried to organize a get together with elders and sisters from the mission but only four of us could come. However, it was still enjoyable and we went and hiked R Mountain. It is right outside of Rexburg about 20 minutes and it was a nice little hike! Me, Josh Poulsen, Matt McMullin and his wife all went. It was a great day to go too....sunny, warm, with a nice (strong) breeze!

Then the next thing that happened, and that was SO fun is that Cristi Lancaster...my FAVORITE companion from the mission that I only served with for two months wcame to visit! I had a GREAT time with her. We went on a nice drive out to the dunes to experience Idaho a little, went to this AWESOME comedian thing, ultimate frisbee, womens broadcast, missionary homecomings, Bajios for lunch, an awesomely fun game night at the Riries and I could go on and on........but, to make a long story short....we played HARD this weekend! Love this girl!

The next best news is that I got even closer to getting a job! I got hired on by CES/Seminary and Institute Program as a substitute seminary teacher. I haven't been called in yet due to the fact that Idaho is on break for two weeks for the spud harvest...but once the schools are back in session, I am hoping to get called regularly. I am still looking for another job...but this is a start!
well...thats all I got so far! I can't wait for conference and for the things that will be taught there! I will take more pictures and post some things.....hopefully I have some EXCITING adventures soon!