Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Best Video Ever


Advice from Elder Busche.

6 Minutes of AMAZING. Do. It.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009...What a Year!

January: In the mission still, the best. place. ever. Having a great time in Mattoon Illinois, serving with Sister O'Reilly, trying to stay warm! :)

February: Finished my mission adn returned with honor. Got released :(. Geared up for another semester of school

March: got a job, spoke at EFY with Kenneth Cope, started another semester of college life.

April: School.

May: School, parents got me a car!!

June: found out I had to have surgery, continued studying hard! Realized I needed to stay in Rexburg. Was on the championship, undefeated, ultimate frisbee team at BYU-Idaho.

July: Finished another semester, went home and started working at the eye doctors office

August: got my gall bladder out, went back to Rexburg with no job or classes, hoping for the best.

September: Job hunted. Went to institute

October: Got an offer to substitute teach seminary. Started working as an ordinance worker in the rexburg temple. Got hired as an actual seminary teacher, not just substituting!

November: Went to Utah for thanksgiving! Hung out with the whole family there. BYU beat UofU in football!! great. month.

December: Went home for Christmas, got all ready for yet another semester at BYU-Idaho. Was trained by some of the head people over seminary and institutes from SLC in a great training. Went longboarding for the first time.

This year has been great. Now, its time to hang on, and enjoy the ride for 2010.