Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Here's to a New Beginning

Well, this semester has been, lets say, interesting. Here's why....

1. Teaching Seminary is AMAZING, but lets be real, it is hard. You have 45 teenagers with all sorts of backgrounds walk through your door each day. Some are just flat out hilarious, all are pleasant for the most part, some want to be there, some dont. Some are quick too talk, some never do. The girls are pretty chill, most of the boys are too. But lets be real, they all have raging hormones at this age, so with that comes occasional attitudes, and funny/awkward moments. I have some GREAT stories! :) (Just ask if you want to hear them!) So, it has been a wonderful challenge that I will miss once summer comes!

2. My school schedule is slightly interesting. I found out it is going to take me yet another semester to graduate....and after working for 1100 hours in the medical field, they still are going crazy about me getting an internship! come. on. but, I love my classes this semester so we will see what next semester brings. Hello 17 credits.

3. I work at the temple every saturday and have two ward callings on top of that. Between those three, the weekends are packed. (between this and #1, I am also in a skirt....all the time. brings me back to the mission.)

So needless to say, I haven't had much time for play, but I get it in when I can. So, I am more determined then ever to have more chill time and relaxing time (the end of the semester is probably not a good time to start this, but hey, here is to a new beginning. I miss working out....for some reason. Usually getting to the gym is such a chore for me, especially when your i-pod gets stolen by your psycho neighbor. But as far as this new beginning goes, as part of this playing is concerned, I am going to start getting into shape so next semester will be the best ever...because, for the first time since before the mish....................
Competitive i come.