Monday, April 26, 2010

I wish....

Sometimes I get to thinking about TiME. And how I wish it would go by faster. Other times I get to thinking about how I wish it would go by slower.

Lately I have been torn. Between my classes, my calling, and trying to balance everything in between, I kind of wish there were more hours in the day, that or just be blessed with some super power to work 10x faster then I normally do so I can get more accomplished and get more sleep at the same time.

But then...there is one thing I just can't wait for. One thing that will NEVER come fast enough! This is something I have wanted to have happen since my first day back on campus since the mission. This event is something I think about often (especially lately). Yet some people say to stop counting down till this day, that once it is here, I will dread it and wish is wasn't........ARE YOU Ready?????


I am kind of over Rexburg, and BYU-Idaho. I need a change. But not sure what that will be. Maybe transferring to Utah State? Not sure.
Only time will tell! :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

By the Numbers

6 Days
Approximately 2300 Miles
A little more than 4 tanks of gas
About 75 Pictures taken
7 Family members I haven't seen....forever.
Dozens of different Activities
3 Scorpions
144 Hours of goodness and warmth

Add it all together and what do you get?

The best Break....EVER.

And I owe it to the two funnest people I have been around in a LONG time, not to mention a HILARIOUS couple. Thank you Bryce and Becca Henderson! I am glad I came!