Sunday, December 26, 2010 family...

I had three HILARIOUS conversations with my family tonight.

Me: "Ever since David (my older brother) got engaged he is like totally different! He calls me all the time, checks up on me, and is like way nice."
Andrew (my younger brother) : "Man, I can't wait till you're engaged!"
ha!!! Funny.

Dad: "What are you guys watching on TV?"
Me: "My Kid Survived. Its like I Shouldn't Be Alive, only kid-style."
Dad: "Well I don't want to see kids get hurt."
Me: "You know they all survive. Hence the title of the show"
Dad: "No, lets watch like a really good, interesting show."
Me: "Like what dad?"
Dad: "You know, like Sarah Palin's Alaska, that is a great show."
Me: "Really dad, you've got to be kidding me."
Mom pipes in: "Lindz, he watches that show religiously every week, its the only show he has actually watched every episode, every week."
All I can say, is WOW!!!!!!

#3: While watching Sarah Palin's Alaska, Sarah was driving a tractor,
Andy: "I can't think of the biggest thing I have ever driven before, maybe a..."
Mom: cuts andrew off and says, "A ripstick??"
Silence, and then about 5 minutes later....
Andy: "No! I have driven a boat!!!"

My family rocks.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fun thing BYU-Idaho did last semester

This is one fun thing that we did last semester at BYU-Idaho, I wasn't able to be a part of it, but it turned out cool!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh Dang!

grad school is expensive. Like REALLY expensive.

There is an awesome school in texas I am looking at, $687 per credit.......But, we will see. Anybody know anything about texas?

I am thinking I don't want to go to Utah or Idaho, but just somewhere new overall...we shall see.

If you know of any good schools in Radiology Tech or a Masters in Health Science, let me know, any and all ideas are welcome!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Experience of a Lifetime

Everybody has those experiences in life that just boost your spirits and keep you going strong. I had one of those today. It was awesome. I have been involved in the Church Educational System teaching seminary for the last year or so. Well, I am getting towards the end of the process for full-time hiring, and today I got to sit down with a general authority, Elder Kikuchi from the first quorum of the 70.

I got to the interview about 20 minutes early, and the lady is like, "he is all ready for you go ahead and go in early", so I go in, and we sit down and begin chatting. He asks me where I am from, why I want to teach seminary, asks me some worthiness questions, and asks for me to explain my feelings about Jesus Christ with him. Well, all this takes about 15 minutes, so at this point, my interview would've just been started.

So, he says, "Ok Sister Witt, I could let you go, or we can spend the next 25 minutes talking and I can share with you some insights about the Gospel of Jesus Christ." HELLO?!?!?! So, the next 25 minutes that took place will go down as the best 25 minutes of my life. It seriously matched some of the best experiences of my mission. I was able to sit down one on one with a General Authority and be taught by him for almost a half an hour. It was a phenomenal experience. I learned so so so much, and the spirit there was so strong.

It made me remember how grateful I am that the Lord qualifies those who he calls, and that Elder Kikuchi was so inspired to teach me about the things he did.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

three. weeks.

Three weeks till no more Physics. Three weeks till I get a break from every stress. Three weeks till I get a break from the snow. Three weeks till I get to see my family again. Oh yes, and three weeks till I get to play with my adorable poodle Maggie. She rocks.