Saturday, February 26, 2011


Here is what today consisted of
Going to a fireside with Sister Beck
Eating Subway while watching BYU dEmoLIsH San Diego
Going to the temple
Stake Conference (Saturday nights are always the BEST)
But thats not all....
I also got pulled over for the first time, and proceeded to be ratted out by a 2 year old.

I had just gone to pick up Beck from his parents so I could watch him after my stake conference (which was 5-7) during their stake conference (which was 7-9).
Now, Beck is ALL boy, and loves everything cars, trucks, tractors, airplanes, etc. etc. etc. Well, I get pulled over and he is so happy and laughing because a "fire truck" (what he called the police car) is right next to him. Well, the cop comes to my window and Beck is in the back seat having the time of his life looking at the police lights, and he is proceeding to make a siren noise.
I think this whole experience is going to stay on the DL (afterall, its me and a 2 year old in the car). Little did I know, the first person he sees (remember: hes 2 years old barely) he goes and says, "Lindsay fire truck, lindsay fire truck". So, that person looks at me at says, "Do you have his fire truck??" No. I don't have his fire truck, he doesn't have a fire truck. Well, one question leads to another question, which leads to a story being told, and punch line is: I get ratted out by a 2 year old who has just had the best day of his life because he saw a "fire truck", up close, in person, with its lights on and everything.
Funny part was: I was going less than 5 miles over. Speed limit was 25, I was going like 28 or 29, and I'm pretty sure everyone in rexburg was in stake conference except for me and the cop, and when he comes to my window he says why he pulled me over, and asks, "Is there some type of medical emergency that would cause you to speed?" Ummmmmm.....yeah, there is a medical emergency and Im going 28 miles per hour...........right.

*Lindsay Ann*

P.S. I escaped without a ticket. Hale-freakin-lujah.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Withdrawals? yes.

So I love my job....I don't know if I've ever said that on here ;) but I LOVE LOVE LOVE my job. Its amazing. Let me tell you why.
1. It reminds me of the mission
2. my kids are the best. No questions asked.
3. It keeps me on my toes.
4. I have met so many wonderful people who have forever touched my life (Ash, Brother Taylor, Brother Seedall, many of my kids, Brother Vellinga, Elder Kikuchi, etc)
5. It makes me want to be better, and do more.
6. I have drawn closer to my Savior
7. I am taught from on high every day in class.
8. My testimony has been strengthened.
9. I realize how strong the youth of the church are.
10. I laugh hysterically at/with my kids at LEAST once a day. They are hilarious
11. My bosses rock.
12. You share a real bond with the other student one understands how hard this job is until you do it.
13. It makes me grateful for everything I have/know
14. Lets be real...Extra spending money
15. I've been able to be taught by many of the Lord's servants and learn from them.
16. It is practically perfect in everyway.
Long story short: Im already going through withdrawals and Im not done yet.
And yet Im at such peace.
Its amazing how the Lord works.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Thats right, my amazing brother Andrew is not only old enough to go to college, but he is smart enough and amazing enough to get into BYU. Congrats Bro!!! Love ya! :)

He will be awesome! You are the best Andy!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just Real Quick,

Let me just vent, just real quick. I usually don't so Im going to right this minute. For just 20 seconds.

My teeth are killing me, I just got cavities filled. But my whole left side of my face is in pain. They don't know why. Cuss. I was instructed to take 2 motrin with 2 tylenol every 6 hours. However, motrin makes my terminal illeitus flare up. So, now I am in a ton of digestive tract pain, but it helps my tooth pain. Which one do I want more?????

There's no winning.

Ok, Im done.
Its a good thing everything else in life is going well, especially my 30 minutes with the Lord. LOVED that the last 2 nights. Can't wait for tonight. Tomorrow it will be in the temple! :)

*Lindsay Witt*

Monday, February 21, 2011

30 minutes

So I was looking through some old mission journals and came across an entry entitled (yes...i titled all my entries, and put the weather for that day at the top of each entry, my mission was thoroughly documented! (: ) "30 Minutes With the Lord". I explained in that entry that 30 minutes each night was going to be devoted to me writing in my journal and praying and just spending those 30 minutes with the Lord only (scriptures, conference talks, anything to get direction), reviewing my day and seeing how I could improve.

Fast forward to the here and now:
I've been kind of in a rut lately with trying to figure out my life and future, and so I thought that I would start up 30 minutes with the Lord again. I have the time right now, and so its the perfect time to start. I'm hoping that this will help me to get more direction and peace as to what the future holds.

Tonight, as my first night, I have decided to ease into this with comfort! :) I got two cavities filled today and I want to rip my left side of my face off because it hurts so bad, and the roads are terrible, so I am staying in. I am going to go scrub the tub, get out my Conference Ensign, and relax in a nice warm bath.

In all seriousness though, I'm excited to strengthen my relationship with my Savior, to get closer to Him and His spirit then I've ever gotten before, and to exercise faith in every footstep when it comes to my future. Life is great, but I can always be better, and be more like my Savior, why not start fresh today???

In Nauvoo, as you walk down Parley Street, there are tons of quotes along the right side of the street, and each one has a quote from one of the saints who went west. But, there is one thing that is the same on every single post, and it is what made Nauvoo and the stories of those early saints really come alive for me, and that is that it is headed with these three words: "Exodus to Greatness". We are all walking our own exodus, which will lead us to greatness if we let it. Those early saints set such a perfect example of that. I knew that on my mission and I know that even more now as I have taught Doctrine and Covenants in seminary this year. Love them. Love the Prophet Joseph. Now, I will do my best to follow in their footsteps, and in the footsteps of my Savior. I'm being carried on their shoulders, as us IPM'ers would say it, we are "On the Shoulders of Giants". I am so blessed.

*Lindsay Ann*

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Lord's Way or the Hard Way?

There are those times in life when you are giving something your all, you are absolutely loving every minute of it, and almost every waking moment is filled with thoughts of being successful in that thing.

For me, its seminary teaching. I absolutely LOVE teaching seminary. my kids are seriously the best. Like no kidding. They have helped me to want to improve my teaching because I can see how badly they want to learn the gospel, that I want to constantly do more for them. There is nothing other then the mission that has meant so much to me and that I have worked so hard at to get the Lord's approval.

Well recently the Lord has led me down a different path. I have been prompted on many occasions to take a route other then teaching, but I had given so much to it that I didn't want to. But, I finally went and talked to my boss back at the beginning of January, and now I have three weeks of teaching left. I have been struggling lately because I feel so attached to my kids and so wrapped up in teaching that these last three weeks have just kind of snuck up on me.

I have learned a lot though through this whole situation. I've learned that its in the instant that you decide to do what the Lord wants you to do, that you will get the Lord's stamp of approval on your current actions. I've learned that the Lord has one goal: To bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man (Moses 1:39) and its as we take the Lords way that His goal can be accomplished for us and we can make it back. I've learned how close the Lord really is to this work, and when we are seeking to do His will, though far from perfect, He will always be there, to pick us up when we fall with His hands that were wounded for our sake. I've learned that when we are seeking to be obedient and just trying our best, that it's in those quiet moments when we stop and listen, that we can hear the Lord say, "Hang tough, you're doing fine".

Right now I feel like I did when my mission was coming to a close, and I was on the plane ride home. It felt right, but it was so hard. I don't know what direction I am supposed to take, or what I'm supposed to do with my life. But I do know this: I'd much rather actively seek to know what the Lord's way is for me, then take the hard way. And anyway that isn't the Lord's way, is the hard way.

*Lindsay Ann*

Monday, February 7, 2011

New Favorite...mmm mmm good! :)

I'm not one to blog about food. Partly because I am pretty dysfunctional in the kitchen, but I am working on it, and can now cook a long list of things. But I am not very daring, so no matter how easy something could be, I am worried (from MANY past experiences (: ) I will find a way to mess it up so I just stick with things I know how to make.

However, the last week and a half I have been SO determined to get back into really good shape like I was pre-mission, and eat really healthy and work out a lot. In an effort to do that, I am in two basketball leagues (one women's league and one co-ed league) and I am trying to get better at going to the gym. I'm down 5 pounds in the last 7 days and I am totally motivated!

Anyway...this whole post for a new favorite.

I branched out and did a baked butternut squash with a chicken breast/BBQ sauce, and carrots and green beans. AKA: My new favorite meal. The only thing I was worried about messing up was the butternut squash. The internet made it sound all difficult to cook without it being tough or nasty. So thank heavens for a wonderful roommate from last semester, I got low down on how easy it is ! THANKS LEX!!! (sorry for the bad picture, i took it on my phone)But, the butternut squash was AMAZING with a little bit of salt and pepper on it.

mmmmmmm good. Here's to another week of healthiness and working out! :)

*Lindsay Ann*

Saturday, February 5, 2011

What flu?

Sometimes I forget to REALLY use my brain. I know, surprise surprise. You'd think as a health science major, and being 100% aware of the benefits and usefulness of the flu shot each year, I would be a regular at getting one. I know the benefits of getting it not just for yourself but for acheiving things like herd immunity in your society. (when a certain percentage of people get vaccinated so those that aren't are so few in number that it doesn't get spread, therefore further protecting those with weakened immune systems and the elderly...yada yada yada.) However, each year I talk myself out of it because it is either 1) too expensive, which it really isn't, or 2) I just don't want to get one. Because lets be real, when I get a flu shot, inside I feel like this Grandma looks, bless her little old heart:

But on the outside, I come across tough as nails like this little guy:
So, every year, I come down with the flu, at least once. Becuase I am too stubborn to get a dang shot. Well, these last two days, I've been down with the flu, and it has totally thrown off my groove becuase I was about to get up and get ready for church today. Its saturday Lindz. I've watched about 6 movies, 4 episodes of Wipe-Out, and missed a basketball game.
Oh well, maybe one day I will stop using excuses like its too expensive, or thinking to myself "What Flu?", and get a flu shot. For now though, I'm on the up and getting better. I may actually get out of the house today! :)