Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hilarious Video

You will laugh when you watch this! I promise you, you will! haha.

Monday, March 28, 2011


12 days folks.

12 DAYS!!!

for now, off to do P90x...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fresno Reception

So as you know, my brother got married a couple weeks ago and last night they had their reception at our place, Fresno. My stake is full of lots of talented people and so Dave and Summer got another beautiful reception. The one in Provo was gorgeous, and I am so glad I got to go to that one. This one I just had to experience from afar! :)
Picture table:

Entry way, where the sign in book was (these pictures were all sent via text message so sorry if they are blurry!!):
Food table and the center of the room display, oh...and a beautiful mama! :)
Where the bride and groom stood to greet people!
Entry way leading to the book signing/cultural hall
The gorgeous and amazing centerpieces!! I love these!!
Another part of the entryway, leading into the reception.
Love is in the air! :)
*Lindsay Ann*

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lessons Learned

I have been reflecting constantly on my time here at BYU-Idaho the last few days and reviewing the lessons I learned during my time here. A lot of those lessons were confirmed on the mission, and as I look back the Lord tried to teach them to me before, but I didn't quite get it till later.

So, here are some lessons I have learned:
1. EVERYONE that I met was put in my path for a reason. roommates, bishops, random classmates, teachers, etc. They were all here to teach me something. Whether it was what I wanted to be like, or what I didn't want to be like. I don't believe there are any coincidences in who you meet and when you meet them .

2. There is great power and protection in obedience. OWTS.

3. I've learned to chill out. Im still pretty high strung, and always running 150 miles per hour, but things don't stress me out as easily as they used to. Everything always works out whether you freak out about it or not. So why not just stay calm? And there certainly isn't any use in freaking out about things that can't be changed!

4. The Lord works in mysterious ways, but if you have the faith to step into the dark, He will always lead you along that path, and that path is the path that leads you closer to Him.

5. Daily prayer and scripture study are CRUCIAL. Before college I didn't really understand that immense difference those things make. Let me tell ya, its HUGE

6. There is more to life then sports. High school/my first semester up here, basketball was literally EVERYTHING to me. While it is still awesome and super fun, its not everything! :)

7. Most people are good, honest, and nice.

8. I've learned so much about inspiration and the way the Spirit speaks to me. I still don't fully catch it everytime, and sometimes my life is too full of noise to hear, but I have learned and continue to learn how it works, and that is all the Lord expects.

9. I'm not going to be perfect here on earth. Enough said.

10. The Lord expects great things, He is counting on me to do my best and be my best, every single day.

11. I've learned better communication skills and how to effectively solve problems and work with others.

12. I've learned how to learn and I've learned how to love it.

13. I've learned more about computers! ha.

14. I've understood the importance of using money wisely, and the blessings that come from paying tithing. I still have impulse buying moments, and I still could be way better. But, thanks to FASFA, my parentals, and the fact that I have ALWAYS been blessed with a job, I am graduating debt free with a substantial amount of money in the bank. I've seen miracles with money and finding jobs as I have been a full tithe payer.

15. There is so much strength that is ours for the taking if we will just walk inside the temple doors.

16. Trials make us stronger...literally, in everyway.

17. I've learned to just put things in the hands of the Lord. I've learned this ESPECIALLY the last two years that I have been home from the mission. Being in pain every single day of your life isn't fun, and it wears you down mentally and emotionally, but with the Lord, I've learned I can be strengthened, and I can see things through His eyes....through Him and His Atonement everything can be made right, and every burden can be made light....just let Him take control.

18. My family is no kidding, the BEST. Family. EvEr. No joke. They are the funnest, most supportive, most amazing, people with the strongest testimonies, the best sense of humor, and just overall super cool. Absence really does make the heart grow stronger.

19. It never stops snowing in Rexburg.

20. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE long drives to random places, just listening to music, and seeing where random roads take you. I went on one today in fact.

I could go on and on with all the lessons I've learned. In a nutshell: BYU-Idaho has been a wonderful experience. Its been tough at times, really really difficult sometimes, super fun a lot of the time, and absolutely full of memorable experiences, both good and hard!

*Lindsay Ann*

Sunday, March 20, 2011

random recap

It seems like I am always counting down for something.
But really though, I am totally at peace with life, I just get excited about upcoming events and can't help but countdown.
So folks: 19 days. Yep. 19 days till I graduate.
BS in Health Science, emphasis in public health
Minor in Exercise Sports Science.

I won't lie. I'm stoked to never come back to Rexburg.
While I will miss people like:
The Riries

...I won't miss days like this at all:
but I will miss this beauty:
I love this place! :)

My time here has been awesome, definitely not free of challenges, crazy roommates or roadbumps of any kind. But definitely packed full of great memories, lots of learning experiences and opportunities to grow, and lots of wonderful people met. There are those people I didn't meet till this year that I wish I met sooner, you know, those people that touch your life immensely in the short time that they are in it.
For example: Hannah, Kelle, Case, Lex, Kylee, Quinn, Caleb, Jordan, Brittany, Emily, Ali, Kenz, Jenae, Kelsey, and on and on and on.
My life is so awesome. I am so blessed.
of course there are things like the gospel, family, friends, testimony, etc that have gotten me through college, but I have those guilty pleasure things too that are 100% not important but have helped me survive my college career...
thank heavens for things like:
long drives into the country to satisfy my curiosity as to where these
random roads go in rexburg
My I-pod
Ellen Degeneres
Long walks at night with friends
my journal
Those are a few of my favorite, yet not necessarily so important things.
Good, better, best, I know.
If only you knew my parents. You'd be jealous, because they are the best.
My top supporters.
My favorite cheerleaders.
My fan club.
All things considered, college has been a great experience. I've learned a lot (save those lessons for the next post.), I've served in many capacities and yet I can't wait for the next step in life.
Bring it on.
*Lindsay Ann*

Friday, March 18, 2011

100% Convinced.

So, I'm 100% convinced that no one, who has ever worn this type of uniform and gotten paid for it is going to make it to the celestial kingdom:
I would never ref because I know I would be bad at it. I know the game of basketball, I know what a foul is, and can pick those things out, but I know that I would completely ruin a good game, so that is why I will NEVER EVER be a referee.

Some people at BYU-Idaho need to realize that they aren't very good (read as: absolutely terrible, and can't keep the rules straight in their own heads if their life depended on it.) and should just retire the uniform while they are young. Afterall, they have a lot of years ahead of them to find a new profession.

Last night was the championship game. Two kids in these uniforms just about drove me to drinking. I even had nightmares last night.

But with every bit of frustration, there is always happy news.

BYU won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
there we go boys!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

what do ya know???

I think my parents were starting to question...
None of their kids were getting married, dang it!
Then this week it happened, Dave got married.
I have a sister-in-law
there is one more sister witt
life is grand.
they are happy as larks, and go perfect together.
It was a great week with the family.
I also had an amazing interview at the U.
Now to try and figure out my life one step at a time.
Mr. Right should just come along, then I could get married
and have LOTS of little kidlets.
You own little Basketball team
heck even 2 basketball teams :)
I'm really not desperate, that would just solve my issues of where to go to grad school!!!
Life is so good right now.
Next countdown: GRADUATION!!!!!
26 Days.
*Lindsay Ann*

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I've been thinking a lot lately about Honor with this whole Brandon Davies thing.
The Honor Code is something that I appreciate 99% of the time, and the other 1% I just need an attitude check. I appreciate that it helps us as students to live obediently and to live the standards of the church, and I know that these standards and the honor code are here to protect us. Its hard sometimes to come to college and have more rules then I did in high school or at home, but it is extremely easy to live because:
Living the honor code = Living the gospel of Jesus Christ.
I have seen on many occasions how the honor code has protected me and blessed me.
Dress code.
Law of Chastity.
Word of Wisdom.
Church Attendance.
No facial hair.
etc. etc. etc.
These protect us. These help us to be in tune with the spirit. These rules help us to literally stay out of trouble.
It amazes me that people get so worked up about the honor code, and try to rebel by growing facial hair, breaking curfew, and things as simple as wearing flip flops on campus. Brandon Davies, while he fell short, is an amazing example of what it means to live both the letter and the spirit of the law....because he is willing to change and understands the importance of becoming better every day, and making things right.
Brandon Davies has helped me want to live the honor code even more because he showed to the NATION what it means to live with integrity, and he knew that what he did when no one else was watching mattered. And in fact, the public consequences mattered less to him then what the Lord thought. He knew he had messed up, and he did what it took to start making things right.
He is someone who understands what personal honor really means. He must really trust in the Atonement because he has the faith to repent, even when in his situation it meant public humiliation, and losing his chance to play ball this year.
Just do it.
Just live the honor code.
Just be willing to be better tomorrow then you were today.
Remember the Honor Code point us towards the life that Christ led, and its as we obey it that we can become more like Him and be more prepared for whats coming our way in the future.
Its simple.
Its protection.
Its inspired.
Live with Honor.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Books = Happiness

These should be keeping me busy for a while! I have almost finished Making Toast, and will hopefully be starting Memory Keepers Daughter this afternoon. All very different but supposedly all very good!

I forget how much I love reading till I sit down and do it. Thank heavens for a dang easy schedule and just trying to fill my time with stuff!!
P.S. 4 days people!! 4 days!!
*Lindsay Ann*

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I. Love. Basketball.

So growing up I played basketball for a long YEARS.
I played during the year, and I played on summer teams. I always played. and I loved it.
But I wasn't very good till like my sophomore year in high school, I was what
people called a "Late Bloomer", AKA: You really sucked, but now you are
ok, but only ok. Just kidding. But really. But when I was a sophomore I started
getting TONS of playing time and I really started getting a lot better.
Fast forward to now. Post mission (a year and a half with hardly any basketball,
and if so it was with the elders who weren't much of a challenge). Out of shape.
Playing basketball.
Im on two teams, and my girls' team DOMINATES. Co-ed is ok.
Tonight we won 85-23. HA! Our second game we won 47-30. Thats our closest game yet.
I have one girl on my team who could put Jimmer to shame. ;)
Well, that is all.
(name that movie! And I will give you a dollar.)
Only 6 Days till I see my family. (Yes..I counted wrong last time, thats how excited I was)
AND......drumroll please!!!!!!!!!!
My. Internship. Got. Waived.
I will sleep happy tonight.
'Nuff Said.
*Lindsay Ann*

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blogging Fool

I am becoming a blogging fool. I feel like Im blogging all the time now, and I'm not even one of those people who have a very eventful life!!!! No boy, no little kiddos, but I do have some funny stories sometimes, I just don't always share them. Maybe I should start?

But the purpose of this post is to announce to the world the Best. News. Of. My. Life. Right now.

9 DAYS PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!
yes. 9 Days.....
till I am with my family.

And being with the whole fam damily means I won't be in cold dreary Idaho, but Utah, where hopefully a few blades of grass are peeking through, and when the sun is out it is actually functioning and warming people up (I will say though, yesterday was really nice in the Burg), and that also means I will have a GIRL join my family. My goal I set when I was little of having an older sister some day will finally be able to be checked off my list. So, I'll be fun AND productive!!

ok, that is all. I need to get back to studying for my sports psychology test that is two hours from now.

*Lindsay Ann*