Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I need a new job that will allow me to have money to go do something fun.

Like buy a mac or go to Illinois, or just somewhere for a few days.

I need a new adventure.

Any ideas on a new hobby I can take up?

Also, my ward is hilarious to people watch in.....they should make another singles ward movie out of it.

Yes. Its that bad.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Some People's Children.....

The other day I was at work and I was calling some patients that haven't been in to get their eyes checked for a while....this little assignment led to by far one of the funniest conversations I have ever had in my life.

dialed number....ring ring, ring ring....

Man: Hello?

Me: Hi, this is Lindsay calling from Doctor Poulsen's office and....(cut off)

Man: Dr who?

Me: Dr. Poulsen, your eye doctor

Man: Oh, over at California Eye Institute?

Me: Yes

Man: Oh *$#@, I will never go back there, ever.

Me: I'm sorry, why not?

Man: Because I hated them there, I would rather chew on tin foil, and grate my face on a cheese grater instead of coming back into that office.

(Trying not to burst out laughing)

Me: Wow, sorry to hear that sir.

Man: Don't ever *($?&#$@ call me again!

Man rudely hangs up! :)

now....why was that so funny to me? Let me tell you why.

Think about your life. Really. I've had some pretty tough times, and some rotten days, but I have NEVER, EVER, had anything happen to me that would make me

want to grate my face on a cheese grater.

I mean, really!! hahaha

that must have been a pretty rotten eye appointment......

some people's children....

Monday, April 18, 2011

Perfect Peeta

This kid is going to be the perfect Peeta. I like him...a lot. He's cute. He's sweet...he's going to be the perfect little baking fool in The Hunger Games series. Love it and I can't wait!!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

True feelings....

I'm very anti-PDA. I love a good hug, and I think its super cute when couples hold hands and are fun together, but I'm not someone who likes to cuddle or anything else.... So, when Heather (the wedding photographer) told us to make a funny face with Dave and Summer kissing, all of our true feelings easily came through. This is what my family is thinking: Me: Really guys? Danny: AHHH!!! Andy: You guys are absolutely disgusting My parents: YES!! We FINALLY got one of out kids married!!! This is the HAPPIEST day of our lives!!! I will post more wedding pics soon....

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Adios!! :) :) California here I come.....

Adios rexburg, Adios finals and crazy undergrad. Hello warmth and goodness. California, here I come, right back where I started from..... *Lindsay Ann*

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

They've done it again.

I love sPriNG.

However, spring in rexburg is non existent this year.

So I am thankful for these little guys:

They fool me into thinking that spring has sprung, because

peeps = easter = SPRING.

Peeps have done it again, they've stolen my heart and helped me block out the nasty weather we've been having.

2 days till I'm done with tests,

4 days till I'm hittin the road again back to Cali.

*Lindsay Ann*

Monday, April 4, 2011

The best!

I thought about all the best things I've done up here in Rexburg, and thought I would share!

Best Class taken: Epidemiology or Kinesiology...its a toss up.
Best Professor: Brother Hunt
Best Ward: 60th Ward - My first semester
Best Apartment: Brookside, hands down
Best Friends: You and I both know that whoever I put down, someone else will be offended! :) So I know who they are!
Best Job: Seminary teaching, by far!
Best Restaraunt: In rexburg, PAAAAALEASE!! but, while I was a student, The Red Iguana
Best Weekend Excursion: the wind caves in montana, Summer 2006
Best FHE activity: Summer of 2005, going to the sand dunes and backwards charades at the Garners Fall 2010
Best FHE group: Fall 2010
Best Lesson Learned: Everyone is fighting their own battles, don't be so quick to judge
Best Apartment where all roomies got along amazingly: Fall 2010 but I would add some from previous semesters too.
Best thing to leave in Rexburg: The weather.
Best extra Curricular Activity Involved in: Basketball

I could go on and on about all the bests I have had up here, but I'm kind of having a brain fart, so here are these for now.

My friend Kathryn Ririe put my feelings down perfectly in a text message conversation, I loved it.
Kathryn: So, I'm like nervous-feeling planning out the rest of this week, knowing it's your last one! :(
Me: haha, Me too!!
Kathryn: So funny and so sad! Can you imagine if you had one week to live?! This is almost just as serious, but I guess it could be worse! :)
hahaha, thank you Kathryn!!

I'm gettin nervous, and anxious, saying goodbye this time is going to really stink because it will be goodbye for an unknown amount of time!

5 Days till I am an official college graduate! YIKES.

*Lindsay Ann*