Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2 Weeks...

I've learned a lot the past two weeks, and these a CRUCIAL life-changing lessons! :)

I could live FOREVER in Sacramento. I love it.
I HATE mango
I absolutely LOVE the TV show 101 ways to leave a game show: HILARIOUS! almost better then wipeout, but not quite. VERY close second. (ellen is currently doing repeats)
I love riding bikes, especially in Yosemite.
People are genuinely very good.
I see tender mercies every single day.

Life is good.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

now i know why......

Now I know why people become workaholics. Because they love their jobs.

I just got a new job, and I absolutely LOVE it!!!! Like for real. I'm super stressed but I feel so blessed and so grateful, and I love love love going to work. Granted, I've only been through three days, but they have been LONG days, and days packed full of information and a little bit of stress, but I love it.

Im working in the clinic with patients, Im putting together a huge, no....a MONSTROUS health promotion program, and I am putting together training meetings for other doctors in town.

I could do this forever.

I've checked one thing off my list of post-grad plans....full time job with benefits and PTO. Check check and check.

Now on to the next thing...........

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Times are changin.

So, times are changin around here. And Miracles are happening in the Witt home.
Here is a classic example of a conversation in our home during the summer:
"Mom, Dad, we have GOT to turn on the air conditioning"
"No, we aren't going to, its too expensive, go jump in the pool"

Seriously....that conversation has probably happened 75 million times in my home. no joke, and no exaggeration.

Today I walked in from work, and the Halelujah chorus began. Dad was turning on the air. I've never been so happy, ever.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

What do ya know.....

So, I've been graduated for about two months now and I have really enjoyed being home for the most part! I've been working part time at a Doctor's office here in town. I don't know if I could find a better work place. My co-workers are just so much fun!!!! But....I've found a new job.


-Full time

-Better pay

AND it uses my major!!!

I am stoked!!!!! I have applied for a ton of jobs and I can't wait to get going!!!

I will be working to put together a health program for those in the central valley who can't afford to get their cataracts taken care of. Its pretty detailed and a little overwhelming but I'm excited!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

My Slightly (dys)Functional Family...

Have any of you (2 people that read this, one of them being my mother) ever wondered what a day in the life of the Witt home is REALLY like?? Let me show you........

Yes. Be Jealous. This is how we REALLY roll. hahaha. We're cool. And we sing like pros, and no, my mom is not having a siezure as she takes this. Just saying.

This video followed after this hilarious conversation on the way home:
While waiting for my mom in Save Mart, my dad, me and Andrew were in the car driving in the parking lot, and he kept going the wrong way on the one way isles....so...
Lindsay: Dad, go the right way.
Dad: Why? Look at everybody else, they don't care.
Lindsay: It's an organizational thing. You are making the parking lot disorganized.
Ok, so I'm slightly OCD.....

Lindsay: What is the "Bad Donkey"?
Andrew: Its like a new restaraunt in town, i don't know if it ever was officially open though
Mom: It used to be a place that sold pot.
Me, Andrew and Dad: Crickets.......followed by an eruption of laughter.....
Mom: I meant pottery guys!!!!!!

You may have had to be there, but my family is funny. Like for reals.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

lil' triparoo.....

I have been super lucky this week because I've been able to spend the week with this cutie boy and his momma. My original plans kind of were changed up last minute, but I am so glad I got to spend the time with them that I did! :)

AND....I learned some lessons:

1. Do not try to put hot sauce on your Taco Bell soft taco while driving through the St. George Canyon surrounded by semi trucks. Enough said....
2. I don't know if anyone else from Vegas to Bakersfield knew how to use the cruise control, and therefore they go fast, and then slow and then fast and then slow, makes driving difficult at times....
3. A "quick stop" at Ashley's is never quick, and I couldn't be happier about that! I LOVE that girl!! I could've talked with her All. Day. Long.
4. If you forget something while traveling, no fear. Kathryn will have it, and she will know exactly where it is. Anyone want to learn how to coupon or be organized? Ask her.
5. If you are falling asleep in the car while driving, I have some great ideas, blast Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat, and you won't fall asleep. Promise. It's super annoying, and a little fun! :) Or, you could also put your I-pod on shuffle and try to sing as low as some of those country fools, that was fun too.
6. I can never ever get enough of Beck. He is adorable. honest. See:
Not bad...6 crucial, life changing lessons (kidding) in a week! I'd say it was super productive.