Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Don't read if you are squeamish....

So today at work I might have had the grossest experience of my life.
No Joke. I don't think I will ever be this grossed out ever again.

So Tuesday mornings are surgery mornings. And today an older gentlemen came in and he had major diabetes, like should've had both of his legs amputated a LONG time ago. He had no feeling in them and he couldn't even bend one of them. Well, because of that his hygiene was.....far less then satisfactory. Yeah..thats what we will say.

Well, his toes were all bent together and folded over each other and his ankles/feet looked like little bowling balls. He couldn't even put his shoes on. Sick. His legs were bleeding through his shorts. There was stuff growing between his toes and it was green and black. Well at first I was trying to be nice and was thinking, man this poor guy must be so miserable. I was trying not to gag due to the lovely smell, but I was holding it together.

Then...he popped the question.
yes. THE question.

"Will you put my shoes on?"

So I mustered all the courage I could and I started putting his shoes on, praying and pleading inside to NOT come into direct contact with his feet.

I was blocking a lot of it out until he said,
"Oh, and you will probably want to wash your hands when you are done."
I think I threw up a little in my mouth.

So I make it through one shoe and he says, "Thats good, thats just my bad foot"

and a bunch of other communicable diseases went through my mind.

Then we had to transfer him from his wheelchair to a regular chair.
Then we had to go sanitize. Lots.

Today, I've washed my hands, more like my arms from my elbows down, more then I ever have in my life, and hand sanitizer has become my new best friend.

It was so gross, I almost put in my two weeks notice.
(just kidding)

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Call me wierd, but I've been thinking a lot lately about the power of our hands.

In the last couple of weeks I've seen the impact that our hands can have in helping/hurting the lives of others.

I've seen simple things like someone flip me off because I stopped at a yellow light just before it turned instead of going through like he was planning on. And then serious things like seeing a young 5 year old boy come in to the eye doctor absolutely terrified of me and all strangers because he had been abused by the hands of his father. I've never felt so sick and saddened by anything so fast in my life as I did when that little boy came in and his mom and step father told me what was wrong.

Then I've seen things like a 96 year old woman in tears because the hands of a skilled surgeon helped her to once again see the world clearly. I've seen a young woman who struggles with down syndrome comforted by holding the hands of her loving twin sister during a painful office procedure at the doctors office. I've seen a daughter loving serve her mother by holding her around her waist so that she wouldn't fall when she walked.

These experiences have helped me understand a little bit better the lyrics of the song "His Hands". How the Savior exemplified perfectly how powerful our hands can be. They can demean, hurt, and destroy confidence and trust in others. Or they can build, strengthen, touch, and uplift those around us.

I hope that I can always be someone who builds and uses my hands in a way to bless the lives of those around me. I hope I can better exemplify the Savior in the little things I choose to do with my hands.