Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Then and Now.

When I was growing up, every Saturday morning was WORKIN' day.
We mowed the grass, pulled weeds, swept, and washed cars.
We cleaned the bathroom, and vacuumed the house.

And most of the time, we enjoyed it.
We bonded, we talked, and we learned.
Dad taught us how to do things outside, while mom taught us how to
keep the inside of the house nice and tidy.

While we learned the little tricks of taking care of things, we were learning a much more important lesson, and thats the importance of knowing how to really WORK.

I've been thinking a lot about WORK lately, and how everything that is worth anything in life requires WORK. I've become so grateful lately for the opportunity my parents
gave me to WORK and for the chances that they took to teach us the importance of WORK.

I mean think about it:
I go to WORK everyday, so I can put my college degree to use
I had to WORK to get that degree
I had to WORK hard for success on the mission, and I got it....a lot of it.
We have to WORK to keep our testimonies.
WORK is required to keep our relationships strong.
We saw the Lord WORK every day of His life, and He is the perfect example.
As we forget ourselves and go to WORK, thats when we are truly happy.
There's nothing that is more rewarding than hard WORK.
The Lord wants to teach us how to WORK, so He gives us callings.
It requires WORK to get through hard trails, and difficult moments in life.
Sometimes it even takes WORK to recognize tender mercies and miracles.
Its fun to WORK.
WORK brings many blessings into our lives.
I know in the future it will be a lot of WORK to raise my kids in the way I desire.
I believe that true, sincere, heartfelt prayer is a form of WORK.

I could go on and on about WORK, but I will stop there.
I just appreciate my parents so much for teaching me how to WORK back then,
So that my life can be benefitted now by the blessings of daily WORK.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just like the other 10000 bloggers....

Just like the other 10,000 blogs that I've read, I thought I would take a minute and
blog about some of the things I am grateful for.

-My family
-That I know I am a child of God
-My testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ
-My job
-My health
-Modern Medicine
-My calling in church
-The knowledge I have that Heavenly Father is aware of me
-I have the best friends ever
-The beautiful weather here in Fresno
-My education
-Inspired church leaders
-The priesthood
-I never have to worry about having enough of anything
-My parents taught me how to work
-Missionary work
-Daily tender mercies
-Answers to prayers
-The scriptures

My list could go on and on.
Even though sometimes it is hard to remember the blessings that we have, especially when things get tough, I am truly blessed. I am abundantly blessed, and I couldn't ask for much more. I have realized recently how quickly the Lord comes to our rescue and how anxious he is to bless us. He knows us personally. He lives. He is real.
That knowledge alone is enough for me to feel very blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 7, 2011


The other day at work a man named Paul came in.
Only let me explain Paul.
He had huge hands
and a very deep voice.
He was wearing a floral dress
and a bright pink blouse
He had painted fingernails
long hair
make up
and extremely girly flip flops.

Yes. You read it right. HIS name was PAUL.

So the doctor walks in.
He says, "You are Paul right."
Deep voice: "Yes"
Dr: "Ok, just wanted to make sure"
Deep voice: "Yes but by the end of the year my legal name will be Paula"
Dr: "Good thing, because this is really confusing me right now"

Umm don't say that.
And you definitely don't follow it up with this:
"Lindsay, if you were to change to a man, would your man name be Larry"
Jaw dropping hilariousness.
Thats my job.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Random Saturday

I follow a super cute blog and very Friday they do a Random Friday and she just kind of talks about everything thats happened since her last post.

I decided, for the two of you that read this, that I would do a random Saturday since thats usually the only day I have time to blog these days.

So, in a nut shell, this is what I've been up to:
-Work work work. I just put in a time off request and I actually felt a little bit bad, but its not till March, so by then I will need a little break.
-Church: I just got put into the Relief Society Presidency as second counselor and so that is keeping me REALLY busy!! But its fun! I also have been helping out with the youth musical and the performances are tonight!! I can't wait to see it all come together
-Dating: a really cute guy, and its goin well :)
-Taking random road trips and scheduling random road trips for the future. There are two more I gotta nail down then I am good to go (Arizona for the Henderson's and Illinois for mission peeps!
-Snuggling with my cousins new little babe. who is ADORABLE.
-Pinterest. Enough said.
-Figuring out how to use my new MacBook Pro

So long story short, I am staying busy, and I am getting my creative juices flowing!! Just you wait!! :)
(Pictures to come...if I ever get around to making things and not just thinking about them!!)