Monday, December 24, 2012


I am sitting here by my Christmas tree, the family just left, and my parents are in the kitchen talking to the missionaries. As I sit here and reflect, I can't help but be so humbled and so grateful for the wonderful year that I have been blessed with. It has been amazing.

At this time last year there was a tenseness in the air at our home as we were anxious and nervous about David's deteriorating health. We did our best to celebrate the Christmas season as normally as possible, but there was some worry and a lot of added prayer. 

Two days after Christmas, we were on our way to Utah as we headed to see David in the hospital. I am so glad that my parents followed the prompting that we all had, that we needed to see David. A week later, on New Years Eve he would be put on life support. We had to watch David and his wonderful wife make a decision: Either David had 2-4 hours to live, or he had to be intubated, and fast. 

Intubated he was. 
And from there on out we have seen nothing but miracles. While there have been many many setbacks, and lots of stressful days, and tearful, sleepless nights, we have been so blessed. He has defied all odds multiple times, he survived a double lung transplant, and today he is stronger than I ever remember seeing him be. This year, our family has been so encompassed by our perfect Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, and His infinite love. 

Through this experience and the many experiences we have had over the last year, I have come to realize on a more personal basis how perfect our Savior is. How much He truly does love us and care for us. And how He is in total control over every situation we find ourselves in. 

Everything happens for a reason. 
I don't know if I have ever realized the complete meaning of that statement until this year. Everything that happens, no matter what it is, happens for a reason. We are so blessed to be able to feel the Lord so close and to know firsthand that He is indeed a God of Miracles. 

David being here is a miracle.
I have made changes in my life that have come because of that miracle. 
Most of which no one but me will ever know about. 
But miracles are real. 

One of the greatest miracles we have witnessed and continue to see evidences of every day is the miraculous birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. 
Think about it. 
It is a miracle that forever changed the world. 
And throughout the few decades following His birth, He performed countless miracles, which have been documented so well in the Bible.
The blind saw. 
The lame walked.
The deaf could once again hear.
The dead rose again. 

And then, another perfect miracle:
The Savior's Atonement.
Because of Him we can live again.
Because of Him we can be perfect one day. 
Because of Him we can be better TODAY.
Becuase of Him we can be at peace and perfectly happy. 
Because of Him, families are forever, and all He asks of us is to do our best. 

It starts in Luke 2. 
With His birth, in a lowly stable, because there was no room for Him in the inn. 
People were too busy and too crowded and too distracted to give the Savior a place in their home. 

I hope that never happens to us.
We can let Him in every single day. 
Just like we read in the New Testament, 
wise men sought Him then, and wise men and women still seek Him today. 

What a great time of year. 
What a great knowledge we have. 

Merry Christmas! 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

let's think positively!


My ear infection has returned. 
I had two days of glorious freedom, and now I'm back to sleeping on a heating pad and poppin' pills. 
There are pro's to this situation. 
I can sit and read without feeling guilty, 
And stay in my PJ's all day! :) 

What a great Christmas break! Comfy clothes and reading. 
I may just throw a warm bath in there too! 


Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Occasional Rant

Sometimes there are things that just get me so upset. Usually they revolve around my own generation. I look at people my age and I can't help but think, "What in the world would make you think doing ____________ is ok?" or "Man, young adults my age have no sense of respect and hard work."

Here's my latest story. I am the second counselor in the Relief Society in my ward, and let me tell ya, we have some AMAZING girls in my ward. Like just the girls that are good, strong, active, faithful, good girls. So, my third sunday teacher came up to me last week and said, "I won't be there to teach next week, I am going to be out of town for Christmas." I was so grateful that she gave me a heads up and didn't just forget to tell us, and I said, I will call some girls and get a sub.

Folks. I called so many girls. Like multiple girls. And not one even got back to me. NOT ONE. And I know that a lot of those girls got my messages.

Then I hear things like, "I wish people treated us more like adults and not youth." are in your twenties. You works 5 hours a week and play video games the rest of the time. You don't come to building cleaning or any other responsibility we have. You don't follow through on commitments and tasks you are given. and you want to be treated like an adult when you are acting like you're 7? That makes sense. Or, "this ward is the most unfriendly ward ever." Said by people who sit in the back row, play on their phones, and never talk to anyone around them. ever. They don't come to activities, and don't reach out themselves. People who say any ward isn't friendly are usually the people who aren't friendly themselves, and who forget that it goes two ways.

THEN. We have the whole wear pants to church idea in order for women to be more equal to men????? Who in the world came up with that idea??

I have read some nicely written, tactful blog posts about people who don't like this idea, but I don't know how to be really tactful about it....

If you think men and women aren't equal in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, you have really misunderstood the whole plan, the whole way the church runs. And besides, how is wearing pants to church going to change any of that. There is nothing that says women have to wear a dress or skirt to church. they just encourage, don't even enforce, just encourage us to wear our sunday best. For some people their sunday best may be holey sweats and an oversized sweatshirt. And guess what, we will welcome you with open arms.

I wish that people, especially women in the church would be able to see clearly their divine nature as daughters of a loving heavenly Father. If they really understood that, it wouldn't matter what they wore, what calling they have, that only men hold the priesthood, and everything else I've heard people get all upset about this week.

What really matters is that people come to know their Savior, and become more like Him, and follow His perfect example. And you can do that in a skirt, in slacks, in jeans or sweats, or in a swim suit if thats all ya got.

All I know is this, I'm wearing a skirt today. Because thats my sunday best.

Ok. I'm done. No more venting.

.....some people's children.....

Saturday, December 15, 2012

movin' slow

the last three weeks I've been moving pretty slow. I started out with what I thought was strep, but ended up just being a bad cold. Then I got a sinus infection, followed by a short bout of bronchitis.

That migrated up to a double ear infection. The last two weeks I've tried 3 different antibiotics, and they haven't even touched the ear pain until yesterday. I FINALLY feel like I'm on the mend.

However....with lots of antibiotics comes a totally mess up of your bacterial/fungal balance in your body, and I have an awesome case of Thrush. Yep.

Never had it before. And I never want it again.


Any of my blogging BFFs have any good ideas on how to relieve the pain and discomfort of thrush? Any treatments that have worked? I don't really want to call my doctor just for a diflucan, but it is tempting.

Anyway, those of you that read this, let me know if you have any great fixes! :)

Please and thank you.

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Santa Claus Cause

So as you know, my brother David recently got a double lung transplant. He is doing SO well. Like so well. He is healing pretty quickly and continues to stay up on his medication and treatments to prevent any rejection.

There are so many people that have been so quick to help and to uplift our family throughout the last year, and the kindness and generosity continues to roll in.

In college I had a roommate, Mikelle, who got married to a wonderful guy, Jason.

Jason and some of his buddies have put together a website called The Santa Claus Cause. This is a website where you can donate any amount of money, and then your kids get a letter from Santa himself! :)

I know holidays are a tight time financially, but if you could even share this website on your blog and Facebook page just to spread the word, that would be awesome!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I'm movin' on

-Paulo Coehlo (No idea who he is, hopefully it's not some nutcase)

So what am I going to be doing? 
I'm going to be saying goodbye to a few things.

to my hometown
to my parents
to my job
and to some great friends

and I'm movin' on. 

I can't wait! 

Where am I going to be living? With the Sowby's till I find a job
Where am I going to be working? No clue
Why am I moving? Because I need to. For LOTS of reasons

Change is so great. 
And change is so needed right now. 

My boss is in complete denial that I am leaving, so much so he hasn't told a soul.
But I am not going to not tell anyone the most exciting news I've had in a couple years because he doesn't believe it! :) 

FMLR: I'm leaving.
Heritage Ward: I'm leaving. 

I'm going to a new place. 
With new experiences.
And new people.
And better employment opportunities.
And better everything. 

And to be honest....
I'm a little really scared for some aspects.

But I'm having the faith to say goodbye to one place.
Hoping for a warm hello from a second. 

71 days. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012


I am feeling about like this....

Because this is going to be my new home in a very short amount of time. 

And I can't wait! 

Stay tuned for details!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bucket List?

.....Or in my life, its more like buckets and buckets of lists. 

I think i'm the only one in the world who has never made a bucket list.
But, I'm obsessed with making lists.

To do lists.
Lists of goals.
Lists of what I want to buy.
Lists of workouts I would like to try, or new types of diets.
Lists of healthy recipes.
Lists of Books I want to read and movies I want to see. 
Lists of places I would like to go. 
Lists of baby names. 
Lists of lessons I've learned.

You name it. 

Lists. Lists. Lists.

And I love it. 
And let's be real. Some of the time I never ever even look at or act on those lists again. 
But there is something so satisfying about making lists. 

There's one list though that I continually go back to. 
That is the list of what I want to be when I grow up. 

If there's one thing from the mission that is still extremely good, but could be viewed in a slightly negative way is that I absolutely LOVE to learn. I love everything about it now. But, the problem is that now I love everything and want to study everything and try out every profession, and I can't decide on ANYTHING to do because I want to do it all. 

Good thing life is long, and I am young. 
Because I got a lot of lists I need to check stuff off of....

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Call

Friday was just like any other day. I went to work, I came home, and went to my cousin Shelly's house to hang out with their kids for a bit and play. Shelly and I indulged in the amazing Baja Fresh, and following dinner I headed over to my friend Danielle's house and caught up with her. 

It seemed that every conversation that day led back to David, his health, how he was in the hospital yet again with decreased lung function, how he was hanging in there, and how he still hadn't gotten his dang lungs. I had been feeling a lot of anxiety the last little bit about David and how he was, and when he would get those lungs.

On my lunch break I came home, and was blog stalking and caught up on a blog about a boy, who was married, with CF, who was red headed just like David, and who got his lungs recently. I was so excited for him, and at the same time, I got frustrated wondering when David would get his lungs. 

So, I was chatting with Danielle and my phone rang at about 11:30 that night. It was my dad, he asked where I was and what I was doing, and I thought it would end there, he was just checking up on me. Well.....I was wrong. He proceeded to say, "Listen, we just got a call from David, and it looks like he is getting lungs. Everything looks perfect on paper, but it won't be for sure until tomorrow morning once they see the lungs and they run a bunch of tests on David."

All I could do was grab my friends knee who was sitting next to me and cover my mouth and say, "Oh my Gosh" about 100 times. This call was something we had prayed for and literally dreamed about for 10 months now. There's no way this was the real thing! 

Well, after that, everything just flew by. I went home, we paced back and forth. acted like we were being productive, and acted like we were going to bed, but of course sleep was not going to happen tonight! We called family members and I called a few close friends, but didn't have the time to call everyone. 

We had heard horror stories about people who were put under and as they were doing the incisions, they found out the organs weren't right for them. So we kept it kind of quiet (code for: off of Facebook!), and packed our bags in hopes that it was the real thing. And after about 2 hours of sleep and lots of laying in bed totally on an adrenaline rush, we got up and made arrangements to leave within a couple hours to go to Utah.

At 9:00 we got the call that it was the real thing, that David was rolling into surgery to get prepped and that it was a go! I couldn't believe it!!!! I was smiling, and trying not to cry and trying to be positive and not worry about the surgery.

My mom and I hopped in the car at about 11:00 and started the drive to Utah. After no sleep that night, and David going into surgery, the already 12 hour drive felt like a dang ETERNITY. Every couple hours we would get updates from David's amazing wife Summer and whoever wasn't driving would send out mass texts, and update our Facebook in order to let everyone know what was going on and how david was doing. 

This was how my facebook page was: 

1. Well, the call came!! David is getting his transplant today!!! Everything looks like a perfect match and we are so grateful!! Pray for both David and the donor family who is faced with the death of their loved one! We are headed to Utah and will keep you updated!!

2. Surgery update: David is four and a half hours into the surgery right now and he is doing great! He's hooked up to the heart and lung machine right now to take some stress off his heart. The new lungs are in the room and they are beginning to replace the left lung first!

3. Surgery update: both lungs are in place and look like a million bucks!! David has done so so well and we are overcome with gratitude and have felt the Lord so close!! They are closing him up right now and he should be out of the OR in the next hour! He had no complications and it went perfect! Miracles continue!!

4. Wow!!! Thank you all do much for your support! David is now in the SICU and is stable, he responded to Summer with some head nods. His lung was stuck to his rib cage when they went to take it out and so he lost more blood and had to have a transfusion after he got out of the OR, but they are monitoring him and are very pleased with how he is. He is full of IVs and four chest tubes and his new lungs are perfect! They will wake him up more as the night goes on and will take out the ventilator tomorrow if all continues to go well! They made much smaller incisions then they originally thought and didn't have to break his sternum which is awesome!!! So many little tender mercies and miracles! This is my last update for tonight but more tomorrow!!
He is over the first major hurdle!!! There will be more as thy figure out the right pain meds and all the other meds!! But so far we are at such peace and so happy!! We are so grateful for our hero who was able to donate their lungs to give Dave a new chance at life and pray for their family to be a peace!

5. He took his first deep breaths :) can't wait to see him!!!! Love him!

6. He is extubated! He's officially breathing fully on his own with his brand-new lungs!!!!!!!!

7. Was just in the SICU with Dave, they had him up and walking and had him sit upright in a chair, he's on lots of pain meds but doing well. Lots of recovery to go but he's doing very very very well!!!!! So glad the Lord is in charge!!!

8. I'm not able to see Dave today because I have a cold but my mom says he is doing well, he took a walk all the way around the nurses station today. The biggest challenge of the day is getting the pain under control. But he is overall doing pretty good. Tender mercies are so abundant!

9. I know you are all probably getting tired of hearing about my brother's double-lung transplant, but, I'm just going to say one more time how amazed I am at how aware the Lord is of each of us, and how much He loves us. I don't think I've ever seen it manifested so clearly as I have the last 10 months as my brother was waiting for a lung transplant, and even more so now that he has had new lungs for 4 days and is already walking, and being amazing. I love modern day miracles.

I am still in shock that he has new lungs, that he is doing well, and that everything has worked out so perfectly. It just doesn't seem real. Now that I am back at home and things turned out so well, I've been overwhelmed with emotion, gratitude, love, and exhaustion. I have gotten emotional many times today as I have thought about the miracles that have taken place the last 5 days in our family.

I can't believe that the call we waited so long for came and after that everything went so fast. We have felt your prayers and know that your prayers and faith are the reason why David is doing so well. If I wasn't so exhausted I would go into detail with all the miracles and tender mercies that we saw. 

So here is just a few:
*David was already in the hospital was was getting stronger
*They didn't have to break any bones or cut through any ribs which makes recovery a little easier
*We were able to drop everything and go up there
*We felt the lord so close and know that He was there guiding the Dr's and nurses because of how the surgery went
*The nurses and doctors are in shock at how fast he is recovering, they have never seen anyone recover this fast. 
*He already has two of the four chest tubes out and is probably going home this weekend!!!! 

David already looks better and has more color. He looks so much healthier already. 

Well, this is it for tonight. I'm exhausted, and emotional and so so so grateful.

I know God lives.
I know He is in charge.
I know He knows us and loves us perfectly.
I was reminded through this experience how important His timing is.
We are so blessed!!!!! 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

50 pointers for life

Even though you may not always see eye to eye; good, faithful parents are a major tender mercy.
There is something healing about sitting on the beach just people watching. 
"Let the morrow take thought for the things of itself" (Doct and Cov 84:84)
Serve, smile, and laugh. Recipe for success
If all you want to do is sit and read sometimes, thats ok
(not to contradict the earlier one) Sometimes you and give and give and give and you need to do something for yourself and have some "you" time. And I think thats ok 
Be patient. It will all work out.
Thank heavens for eternal families. The plan of salvation is real. 
You are loved. 
Go outside and just sit, watch, and listen. 
Watching kids and playing with kids is extremely therapeutic. 
Really good, pour your heart out, laugh over nothing friends are hard to come by but very needed.
Not to be negative but there's a lot of jerks out there, so be kind. It goes a long way. 
Don't judge unnecessarily. You NEVER know all the details. 
Naps are heaven sent. 
A nice warm bubble bath with good music makes everything ok. 
The atonement is amazing and miraculous. 
Skype is definitely an inspired invention
Having a loved one suffer with health issues sucks. But the Lord knows that and Ive learned that "This too shall pass" and you will be made strong.
There is great power in the scriptures. 
Don't over think things, that just causes more problems. Just act. 
Prayers are answered. 
Having faith in our Savior is one thing. Having faith in His timing is TOTALLY different, and much harder. 
Take a picture. In fact, take a few. 
Don't judge a person by their blog, just like you wouldn't judge a book by its cover. 
Go to the temple. 
Those you are close to are often the ones that get most of your rotten-ness, yet they still would do anything for you. 
Just live. Life is too short to get caught up in everyday trials and stress. 
Get organized. It does wonders for the soul.
A clean room = a happy person, and better sleep at night. 
Doodle-ing with a really nice pen can bring a smile to your face. Try it. 
Say "I Love You" more.
Remember who you are. Like who you REALLY are. 
Do things that stretch you. Set big goals and pursue them. 
Everyday when your alarm goes off, embrace the day knowing the Lord will bless you. 
Lay out in the sun and just look up at the sky. 
Kill others with kindness. 
Hold a door, say hi, or smile at strangers. You never know what battles they are fighting. 
Sit and do a puzzle, its fun. 
The world is so noisy, everyday try to find a a few minutes of just silence.
Give compliments freely. 
Strong faith works literal miracles in your life. 
Be obedient, in ALL things. 
Be YOU. And embrace it. 
 The world will lie to you. Follow the Savior. That's peace.
Take roadtrips, even if its just for a day. They rock. 
Life is awesome. Embrace it. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

finally successful!

for those of you that know me, even just a little bit, 
know that I cannot cook. 
Like (I'm almost blushing as I type this) even the easiest recipes I seem to destroy in some way. 

Rice Krispies always come out rock hard.
Brown Rice is a joke.
I mean, I could go on and on. 

Part of it is because I haven't done much cooking, and part of it is simply because my talents don't include cooking and baking. 

But...I can say that I FINALLY succeeded. 
Seriously, the BEST meal I have ever had. 

(......insert high fives, clapping, and cheers.......)

I made butternut squash soup. 
Ooooohh. myyyyyyyyy. Goooooooooooosh. 
I'm the only one home and there's tons left. 
So come on over why don't ya?!


It's butternut squash. 
Its actually very orange in real life...the picture doesn't capture it just right. 

I got the recipe here:

You may or may not want to make it every day for your whole life. 
And it's healthy. 
And it gets me in the mood for fall, 
and I love the fall.
Even more then I love this soup, shark week, and the olympics. 

Make it, eat it. 
Your life will be complete. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Not gonna Lie.....

I'm not gonna lie......I really miss this place, and there's a part of me (a surprisingly huge part of me), that really wishes I was here right now:
Getting settled in my new apartment. Meeting new roommates, anxiously preparing for the first day of classes. seeing people on campus I hadn't seen for a bit. The thrill of it all! Those were the days.
                               I even miss the snow and ice that I slipped on constantly.

                             I miss basketball tournaments and intramurals that took place here with people running on the track above.
 I miss devotionals and this amazing building.

 I miss the people I would meet for lunch, social time, group projects and other things in this building.
BYU-Idaho. You were very good to me. I'm a better person because of you. And as much as I curse your coldness and strict ways, I kinda miss studying and being a "college student". EVERYONE should go to BYU-Idaho. I loved it there. The best people I have ever met I met at BYU-Idaho. I know it was a tedner mercy being there.

This truly is the Lord's University. Love it. Love it. Love it.

Maybe that is an answer to prayer that I should go back to school for my masters. yeah. probably is.

Monday, September 3, 2012

As of late....

So, my life has actually been somewhat exciting lately and believe it or not, I have PICTURES to prove it!!! :)

I have of course been hanging out with these handsome boys a lot. I sure have fun being with them. They are my cousins kids and are just so fun, and handsome, and kind of like little brothers to me. 

And then there is THIS princess. Sure love her. She is 100% girl. so much so I don't aways know how to respond because I'm so NOT girly, but she is so cute and such a good girl! 

This is the MONSTER hamburger that my friend and I got when we went to tahoe. It was some hole in the wall burger place that was AMAZING. It was called Burger Me and I think it was in Truckee. But it was phenomenal. It had a huge patty, onion ring, CHILI, a fried egg, cheese, lettuce and a really good sauce.  AMAZING I tell ya. 

Lake Tahoe. Gorgeous, and beautiful weather that day.

Me at lake Tahoe. 

We stopped by Squaw Valley to do some window shopping. It was a really cute little town and I had fun. We weren't there for long, but it was fun! :) 

We went to a Grizzlies game with my YSA ward and it was actually really fun. A good group of people showed up and even though we got DEMOLISHED it was fun. 

This was actually one of the funnest things I've done with these kids. I was watching them while their parents were gone, and they may or may not have been CRAZY hyper, so I brought them outside and we played baseball! It was so fun!! No bickering. I had a baby on my hip, a cute girl next to me, and then these two boys pitching/up to bat. I'm not gonna lie. It made me super anxious to be a mom. Ha! 

Lastly, we started up piano again! We took most of the summer off because they traveled a lot, and I was gone the weekends they were home, but I actually really enjoy it. so we started up again, and I seriously forgot how good they had gotten. time to go shopping for harder books!! :) 

Anyway. Thats the happenings in my life lately. Kind of fun to actually have pictures! :) Im going to have to take more of them! 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Fame and fortune

I was reading an article this morning on FOX NEWS and a statement by Jodie Foster was shocking to me.

She said, "We've all seen the headlines at the checkout counter. 'Kristen Stewart caught'. We've al thumbed the glossy pages here and there. 'Kris and Rob a couple?'...But we seldom consider the childhoods we unknowingly destroy in the process."

Foster said if she was just starting out in hollywood today, "I would quit before I started. If I had to grow up in this media culture, I don't think I could survive it emotionally. I would only hope that someone who loved me, really loved me, would put their arm around me and lead me away to safety."

So often the lifestyle of Hollywood actors and actresses is talked up, idolized, and all the multimillionaires come across as if life is perfect, and all is well, and they couldn't be happier. And now the truth comes out from one of their own. Its a hard life. It tears them down, and leads them away from really understanding who they are.

Most of us have known this, but now their own are starting to see....

Fame, Fortune, and all the Money they could ever a lifestyle thats not all its cracked up to be.

One more reason I am thankful for the Gospel and the primary doctrines it teaches.

We are children of God.
TRUE happiness comes from knowing your Savior.
The Word of Wisdom, Law of chastity, and other things that are criticized by the voices in the world really do protect us and keep us safe.

We are so so blessed.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Close second, only to the olympics

So I really don't watch hardly any TV, but there are a few things I love. I love the office, and modern family, but I don't watch either one religiously. I couldn't even tell you when they are on.

but, let me tell ya something....this summer has been awesome.

Between this..........

And the amazing, wonderful, only-comes-second-to-the-olympics SHARK WEEK....

I have plenty of DVR-ed shows that will keep me entertained for months.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

He knows.

So i have learned something the last 4 weeks........

Not that I didn't believe it before, but now I really know. 

4 weeks ago I got asked to take over as a YSA Co-Chair for the California ySA conference that took place this weekend. I didn't want to do it, and I had moments of complaining, but I did it, and I am so glad that I was asked to do it. 

Anyone out there I'm sure could've done just as good of a job, if not better. But I needed to learn some lessons and I needed to be in this position in order to learn them. 

It was amazing, a wonderful and uplifting experience. 

And let me just summarize it in a few short statements.

He Understand, PERFECTLY. 
We just have to be humble, and answers will come. 

I am SO blessed. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

One Week

One Week till the YSA conference
I'm excited and ready for it to come, and for everything to fall into place just perfectly.....

Its been awesome to be a part of it, even though I came in only 3 weeks ago. 
With 700 people coming, it has to go well. 
It will be really fun!! 

So....COME! :) 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Joinin' the nerd club......


I have glasses now. 

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Love.

when i say i love the olympics, that is an understatement. 
like i LOVE the olympics.
like the the point that i think about my favorite athletes throughout the day and wonder what they are doing at that very moment. 
in fact, last night when jordyn wieber didn't make it to the overall competition, i got a little bit emotional.
and also when missy franklin won the gold in the 100 backstroke.
i know, how embarrassing right? 


this is seriously the best time of the year, every four years. 
winter olympics are nice but i LOVE the summer olympics.

i hope you are enjoying them as much as i am, 
in fact even HALF as much as i am. 
because even then, you are REALLY enjoying the olympics. 

and, can i just say, i super like the women's basketball jerseys (its really too bad they can't rebound for the life of them)
and i am totally diggin' the new US beach volleyball uniforms, not nearly as bikini-ish

i hope ya'll are finding time to watch the olympics. 
in just a couple days they will be gone for 4 more years. 


Monday, July 16, 2012

Becoming something more

Descriptions for life:
fun. adventurous. crazy. stressful. growth. love. happiness. trials. sickness. health. excitement. tests. trials. attitude. friends. family. miracles. laughter. learning. 
I could go on and on. 

Sometimes you just have to sit back and evaluate life. where you are at, and what you are doing, and where you want to be. 
I have been doing that lately. and I've tried to take a better look at where I'm at. 
I need to be better, and do more. 
To serve more like the Savior served. 

Its an exciting time. I'm motivated and ready to make changes, that although they may be small, they will make a big difference. 

Physically I'm eating healthy, and working out like crazy (i've lost 13 pounds in less then two weeks!) 
Spiritually I've started (and I may say Im slightly obsessed with) indexing and that aspect of family history. 
Emotionally I'm more aware of others and their struggles and it makes me so much more grateful for mine. I have it so good. 

Change is good. I love change....sometimes! 
But I'm grateful for this change. 
And I'm grateful that the Savior is by my side to help me to improve and become better slowly but surely. 

Elder Oaks said it perfectly
"In contrast to the institutions of the world, that teach us to know something, the Gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us to become something"

I was reading some books in the sports section of barnes and noble today (which tells you how inspired this truly was) and in the front cover of some book by some author :), it said, "We would accomplish so much more if we focused on improving our weaknesses then on our weaknesses themselves, while at the same time, seeking to continually improve those things that are already our strengths." 

I am trying to become something better then I am today, thank heavens I have the Gospel, and my Savior by my side. 
I think that quote from some book I don't remember summarizes (with a lot of spiritual ties actually) a little bit of how Im going to continue to become who the Lord wants me to become.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Im feeling a mixture of these two emotions right now. We are switching over to Electronic Medical Records...........................enough said. 

The worst part is...we haven't even started using it full time yet. 

I saw a book once called, "what not to say to a stressed out parent"
I think I'm going to write a book now called "What not to say to a stressed out employee"

If I survive next week, I will be back. 


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Friday, June 29, 2012

The Last Week with the Witt's

This last week has been so so good!!! So many crazy and exciting things going on with my family!!

I drove up to Utah on Saturday, where I met up with my whole family in American Fork and had a great time. We hung out for a couple of days and then on Monday the real fun began. David and Summer were up at the hospital for their appointment and the rest of us kind of hung out, and then that night, Me and summer and my cousin Becca and Aunt Nancy got together and did the flowers for the wedding. It was so fun, especially because they are hilarious after 11:00 at night! Ha! good times.

Tuesday was the wedding!!!!!! It was a gorgeous day, and Danny looked super handsome and Alyssa looked gorgeous. It was a great day. Lots of pictures and lots of smiles and laughs. The luncheon was amazing...we had catered fajitas and desserts from Kneaders! Hello heaven on earth!!! So so yummy!

Wednesday morning I had to get up and drive home early, but Wednesday Andrew left for his mission to Seoul Korea!! I am bummed I had to miss that but it is so fast now that it was ok. I started up a blog so that everyone can keep track of his mission experiences:

Wednesday David also went in the hospital. He had been kind of short of breath for a few days, but it had been a long time since he had been in the hospital, so it was time. His lung function had dropped from around 25% to 17% in just a short amount of time. Luckily there were no collapsed lungs or even partial collapses, but still had a major decrease in lung function.

Overall things went really smooth and it was a great few days. I got to spend a few hours with my mission president on Sunday which was AMAZING, I love the Erickson's so so much. I got to spend a few minutes with a mission companion, Sister OReilly. And then on tuesday after all the festivities, I went up to Salt Lake and visited my friend Katie Howell Ford. LOVE that girl!! It was super fun. We played the piano on the streets of Salt Lake City, and she cooked me a phenomenal dinner (seriously probably the best chicken Ive ever had), and she gave me a tour of her awesome neighborhood!!

Anyway, it was a great week with lots of fun and exciting things taking place!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Living life to it's fullest.

Lately I've been reminded of the great need of living life to it's fullest and enjoying every moment, not hoping that something "better" will come along. As I've been pondering this, I've realized how much I need to change in order to truly be really really happy again. 

The last few months I've been absolutely miserable in Fresno. The social life sucks, and I have really wanted to just get out, and move to Utah. That is still in my future plans, but I've realized that I can't just run away from fresno and expect everything to be perfect in Utah. I've gotten discouraged physically, mentally, and emotionally and therefore my spiritual life has been affected. I realized this weekend during my brothers farewell that I need to just snap out of it and have a major attitude adjustment. 

so. thats what I'm going to do. I'm going to change, and start fresh in a lot of ways. Its so easy to get down on myself for not being perfect, and therefore sometimes I set unrealistic goals. So I'm applying the principles I knew so well on my mission, and thats to set realistic goals and make them obtainable with a plan and a purpose. Also....I'm going to write them down. 

I have come up with a cool little chart that I can keep track of my scripture reading and daily prayers. I'm so convinced that it is the little things in life that make the biggest difference. Yet, sometimes, at least for me the hardest things are the smallest things.

I was reminded of some scripture verses in John last night and they explain perfectly what my goal is spiritually. 

St John 6: Christ sent his disciples off while he went to pray and they are rowing and toiling with a huge storm in the sea, and they see Him walking towards them and they get scared and don't recognize Him. He then responds with "It is I be not afraid", and then they "willingly received Him into the ship". 

I need to more readily and willingly receive Him into my "ship" (AKA: Life) I think that is a lifelong journey, everyday I think there will be ways to invite Him into my life a little more. 

I used to hate change. But now I try to embrace it. I still don't love it, but I know change is what makes us stronger. I have become very accustomed to change this year, as it seems like there are huge, constant changes in my life with David's health, Danny getting married, and Andrew leaving on his mission. All good changes, but changes nonetheless. 

I think personal change is the hardest. While there is a lot that I haven't shared in this post, I am so excited to change, to be better, to be more like my Savior Jesus Christ. To serve more faithfully, and embrace His teachings more fully through scripture study and prayer. Its the tiny steps that matter most. 

I am so grateful for the gospel. I had a great talk with someone last night and his perfectly showed me through his kindness and love how close the Lord is to me, how much the Lord loves me and is aware of me, and how anxious He is to embrace me and strengthen me. The Atonement is real, and I was reminded last night that it's not just for the big things, its for everything that matters to us. 

The church is true. I'm blessed and honored to be a part of it. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Three years ago

Three and a half years ago I was bracing myself to see my family again. 
I hadn't seen them in 18+ months and I had only talked to them three times. 
Two Christmases and a Mothers' Day. 
And it was the best 18 months of my life. 

I've been reflecting on the wonderful mission experience that I had as I have watched my brother faithfully and diligently prepare for his mission. 
Like really amazing. 

He is worthy, active, in tune, spiritual, dedicated, a great worker, and believes and knows the gospel to be true. 
He is an amazing young man and I am excited for him to have the mission experience. 
It will make him even better. 

I think about what kind of a person my mission made me into.
I am so happy my younger brother gets to be even better then he is now
My mission was the BEST blessing and gift my Heavenly Father ever gave me. 
I know it will be the same for Andrew.

I loved my mission and everything it meant for me. 
While it has been a long time since I have been a full-time missionary,
and lots has changed, 
I still look back on those 18 months as the best, hardest, most inspiring, most strengthening 18 months of my life. 

Andrew, with two weeks left, enjoy every minute of the preparation. 
You are going to be awesome out there. 
The people of Korea, and your mission president/companions don't realize how lucky they are going to eb to have you there! 

Love you bro.
You rock. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Good Better Best

Elder Dallin H Oaks wisely taught:
"We have to forego some good things in order to choose others that are better or best because they develop faith in the Lord Jesus Christ"

Perfectly said Elder Oaks.

My bishop put it perfectly in a fireside this last sunday.
He said that often in this stage of life, the hardest choices aren't between right and wrong they are between two good things.

Touche Bishop. 

Then today my boss said,
If you are always working toward a goal, and have a couple backup plans in mind, you will never be disappointed because things will always work out as planned. 

SGF, good point. 

I have some very wise people in my life. 
Thank heavens. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I wish I could say I was perfect. 
That I was the best I could possibly be. 
Those of you who know me, know thats not true, HA! 

But I try
I try to be kind
I try to be compassionate
I try not to judge
I try to read my scriptures and say my prayers
I try to be better every single day.

I have had this major desire lately to not judge so much and its hard.
When someone is a punk at work I used to think something rude and judgmental
Now, I'm trying to see things from their perspective. 
Trying to take it as a learning opportunity, to see how I can learn something new. 

In every situation I am in, I am trying to be able to see it how Christ would see it if He were here.
Today a "homeless" guy came into work, and he complained about a $40 refraction fee.
And then he drove off in a brand new Escalade that didn't even have the license plates on it yet. 
This guy was crossing the street in front of me holding a sign asking for money, and he pulled out his IPhone. 
Today a coworker went crazy on me. 

Just a few of the many opportunities to judge. 
The Lord was testing me. 
In all of the situations, I feel like I approached them way better then I would've even yesterday.

Sometimes becoming better is painful.
Sometimes it requires a MAJOR change. 
But I'm ready for change. 
Even though it may seem like a little thing, I am working on it. 

I'm reading my scriptures more.
I'm trying to see people through the Lord's eyes. 

David has helped me see how fragile life can be, and I want to be prepared to meet my Maker. 
I want to be the happiest person possible every day. 
I want to be better.
I've got a ton of things to work on. 
So here's to baby steps, and improving. 

As President Gordon B. Hinckley used to say,
"Try a little harder to be a little better"

I'm taking that challenge to heart. 
I'm excited. 
And I'm more motivated then I have been in a long time to improve. 
Change is happening. 
I'm excited for this change. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Most inspiring song EVER

So yesterday I went to a funeral for a great man that I went to church with.

His daughter in law took this song and changed the words for her daughter to sing that was a song dedicated to her grandpa.

These were the words:

You've had a way, of living each day.
Trusting the Lord, and kneeling to pray.
Serving, sharing, reach out and caring, example you've been from the start.
Your life story, faith, hope and glory, held to the truth in your heart.

If we hold on together, forever family we will be.
Hand in hand, heart to heart, and on through time, and eternity.

We pledge to you we'll always be true.
Serving the Lord, in all that we do.
We will follow, because we all know, the promise of God is sure.
With faith in God, holding to the rod, life eternal ever more.

If we hold on together, forever family we will be.
Hand in hand, heart to heart, and on through time, and eternity.

You stayed the course, your heart is pure, God's love sure shines on you.
When life's dark, we'll look to you, you endured, we will too.

If we hold on together, forever family we will be.
Hand in hand, heart to heart, with faith and hope, and joy and on through all eternity.

One of the most powerfully written songs I've heard in a long time. Thought I'd share.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Embracing the unexpected

You know those awkward moments when you think that someone or something is totally on your side, 
and then you realize that its not?? 

Yeah. Super sucks. 

Due to some new government regulations, my job is transitioning to Electronic Medical Records. 
Its going to be nuts when we "go live" and start the new programs up in July. 
Everyone is busy being trained and going crazy on trying to learn new things about it so that it goes as smoothly as possible. Tensions are high, and thats expected I guess.

But, because of the new system, my time off request got denied for my brothers wedding. 
I can understand the need for everyone to be there and learn, but its still SUPER frustrating and disappointing to not be able to go, and to have my job threatened if I do go. 
I'm going to continue to try and work something out, prove to them that I am willing to continue working hard and learning this system better and better, and see if anything will work, but for now I won't be going to the wedding. 


My family is the most important thing to me but I have to think about the future. 
I have to think about finances, and future plans, and I can't afford to lose my job right now and not just show up to work. 

Danny and Alyssa are so awesome. 
I just called Danny and broke the news to him. 
I was devastated and I could tell he was disappointed but I was so grateful that he was so understanding. 

But I'm also really bummed because I don't get to see David and Summer. 
Last time I saw my brother and sister in law was in January.
And lets be real, that wasn't exactly the best "vacation" I've ever taken.
When I think of David, I picture him how I last saw him,
On life support. 
Not able to talk.
Not able to walk.
Not able to breathe on his own
with tubes and picc lines and IV's and catheters and all that other crap coming out of him every which way.
I need to see him.
Healthy (its all relative! (: ) 
and stronger every day.
Mentally and emotionally that would be a miracle for me. 

But I guess only time will tell.
I'm frustrated and disappointed but I know the Lord will provide.
Maybe there is something I absolutely need to be here for that has nothing to do with work.
And maybe not. 

But with emotions high,
And trying to move forth with faith,
I'm trying to just trust in his plan and see the big picture.

Everything happens for a reason right???

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Lord's way

We live in a world where values and morals are criticized and mocked. 
Where doing what is right often means standing alone and being ridiculed,
And doing what is wrong/popular means friends, fame, and fortune. 

As the final days are coming, we need to be more prepared for the things that are to come.
Satan is going to use all of his energy to destroy the things that matter most to the Lord. 
Namely: The family unit. 

The family is being attacked on all sides. 
We can see the ongoing battle of Gay Marriage being brought to the courts. 
Our President just today made a statement that he supports gay marriage. 
Satan is clever. And he has blurred the lines on what is right and wrong very well, and if you aren't in tune with the spirit, you may falter. 

Gay marriage is wrong in the Lord's eyes.
While I want everyone to be happy, and while I want "equality", I know that true happiness and true equality comes by living by the standards of the Lord's true church. 
By living the way the Lord would have us live. 

The Lord has made it very clear that gay marriage is wrong. 
The family unit is meant to be made up of a husband and wife, 
We've been taught very clearly time and again by the Lord's servants what He expects of us. 

For example:
 "The family is ordained of God. Marriage between man and woman is essential to His eternal plan. Children are entitled to birth within the bonds of matrimony, and to be reared by a father and a mother who honor marital vows with complete fidelity. Happiness in family life is most likely to be achieved when founded upon the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. Successful marriages and families are established and maintained on principles of faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, work, and wholesome recreational activities."
(The Family: A Proclamation to the World)

Marriage in the Lord's way is essential. 
Perfectly, and plainly said. 
As the second coming gets closer, we are being tempted more and more, and we will see how the ways of the Lord and the ways of the world continue to separate. 
We must be strong. We must be prepared. 
We must be willing to stand up for what we know is right. 
We must be fully on guard at all times. 

Ephesians 6 teaches that perfectly:
 11 Put on the whole aarmour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

 12 For we awrestle not bagainst cflesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the drulers of the edarknessof this world, against spiritual fwickedness in high places.
 13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.
 14 Stand therefore, having your loins agirt about with btruth, and having on the cbreastplate of drighteousness;
 15 And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel ofapeace;
 16 Above all, taking the shield of afaith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery bdarts of the wicked.
 17 And take the helmet of asalvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

We may feel like we are standing alone. But the Lord will be with us. I hope that as things get more and more hairy in the last days, that I can prove that I will be worthy to stand on the Lord's side. To say and do what He would say and do if He were here. To protect the sanctity of marriage and the family even when the world says they are right. With HIS armor on, we will never go astray. With Him as our captain, we will be victorious. The world can try everything the wish to let their ways be known, but the Lord will win. 
I plan to be on His team.