Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Man! I Feel Like a Woman!

Man! I feel like a woman and I'm proud of it! 

Some of you are probably wondering, what brought this on? 
Or, I only read this blog to get updates on David, not to hear Lindsay's random ramblings. 
Well....sorry to disappoint. 
I will summarize David in just one sentence today: He's alive and kicking! Still waiting for lungs. 
Code for: no new updates. 


So now back to the title. 
Lately I've become SO grateful for the chance that I have to be a woman in the gospel and in the world today. 
I read an article online the other day that talked about how women in the workplace are starting to get very offended, and are starting to think its sexist for men to offer to open doors, or for men to help carry something that looks heavy, etc. etc. etc.

Women get offended by that!!! 
Reason #11947583918364 that the dating world is messed up these days. 

Women are trying to be too much like men. 
While we are taught in the gospel that men are not superior to women, and visa-versa, 
We have different roles, and society is trying to blur those lines too much these days. 

The true meaning of being a woman in the world today is often degraded and has turned into a very masculine role in my mind. 
I think that as a woman in the church it is partly my responsibility to help others know what an individual, sacred, and important role/responsibility we have to be women of faith, virtue, feminism, honesty, and morality. 
To build up those around us. 
To lift and to serve.
To bless the lives of every person we come in contact with.
And most importantly, to cherish the opportunity we have to be women.

It is hard to find a woman like that these days. 
And I believe that a woman can have those values and still stand out as a major force for good not only in the church and home, but in society and in the workplace. 

I am grateful for the Relief Society.
I'm grateful for the truths of the gospel that help me realize how much strength I have to make a difference.
I am amazed and honored at the responsibility that the Lord has placed on me to be an example of faith, virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience, brotherly kindness, godliness, and humility.
I can't do it without him. 
And I can't do it without the help of worthy men serving as priesthood leaders, and my future husband.

So men, 
feel free to open my door,
and feel free to help me carry things. 

I admire that.

Monday, March 12, 2012


Well... its been a while eh? 
Like 9 days. But oh well. 

This year has been so great! I can't even tell you. 
And lets be real. It's also been a duesy.
My family has had so many wonderful things happen and seen so many miracles though.
While somedays we still can't help by cry/sob, MOST days we can't help but be totally overwhelmed with gratitude with all of our blessings.  

Lets recap.
January 1: David gets put on life support after being told he has 2-4 hours to live
January 6: David gets off life support with flying colors.
January 15 (ish): David officially gets on the transplant list!!!!! HOLLA! ;)

February 20 (ish): Andrew gets his mission call to KOREA!! 
February 26: my three year mark of being home

Last week: Turning in lots of job applications
(stay tuned)


April 21-29: Im going to go to Idaho for a WHOLE WEEK!! 
APRIL: Hopefully a set of lungs

Hopefully a set of lungs

June 26th: SOMETHING I CANT SAY YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
June 27th: Andrew reports to the MTC 

Its only really march, I bet you can't wait to get our Christmas card this year.....
Our family is full of fun events. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012


I am so grateful.
I'm grateful for my family. 
I'm grateful that David is alive and kickin'.
I'm grateful that I have stayed strong in the gospel and not fallen away when trials come. 
I'm grateful for people who are willing to talk out differences and be willing to hear another side.
I'm grateful for people who are so forgiving.
I'm grateful for the opportunity I have to stand as a witness of Christ every single day. 
Sometimes I do great and sometimes I fall short. 
I'm grateful for answered prayers. 

I am just so grateful. 

It seems like as the final days come closer and the second coming is just around the corner, so many people fall away. 
I know returned missionaries who have fallen away from the gospel because of anti-mormon literature, because they seek to be accepted by their friends, because trials come. 
I see evil creeping in on every side, seeking to pull away more of the faithful ones. 

Sometimes I get discouraged when I see those I love fall away, or when I watch the news.
And then I think...
Wait...there is no time to be discouraged. 
There is only time to rejoice in all the good that is going on.
Rejoice that those who have fallen can come back if the choose.
Rejoice that all that is unfair will be made right through the Atonement.
Rejoice that every sickness will be cured on the Lord's timing. 
Rejoice in the gospel of Jesus Christ and the peace it brings.
Rejoice in the chance I have to stand as a witness every single day.

I love this quote:
"Standing as a witness means you know with certainty that you want to do what is right and let the consequence follow. To stand means you remain firm and immovable, even when (or especially when) you are the smallest or the youngest or the last one standing. You may be the means for holding up others. You have to be strong!"

I will be strong. 
I will continue to hold fast to what I know to be true. 
It's the only thing that has given me peace the last 3 months when things have been SO crazy with David. 

And most importantly....
I will continue to be grateful. 
And I will continue to rejoice in the gospel of Jesus Christ.