Saturday, September 15, 2012

50 pointers for life

Even though you may not always see eye to eye; good, faithful parents are a major tender mercy.
There is something healing about sitting on the beach just people watching. 
"Let the morrow take thought for the things of itself" (Doct and Cov 84:84)
Serve, smile, and laugh. Recipe for success
If all you want to do is sit and read sometimes, thats ok
(not to contradict the earlier one) Sometimes you and give and give and give and you need to do something for yourself and have some "you" time. And I think thats ok 
Be patient. It will all work out.
Thank heavens for eternal families. The plan of salvation is real. 
You are loved. 
Go outside and just sit, watch, and listen. 
Watching kids and playing with kids is extremely therapeutic. 
Really good, pour your heart out, laugh over nothing friends are hard to come by but very needed.
Not to be negative but there's a lot of jerks out there, so be kind. It goes a long way. 
Don't judge unnecessarily. You NEVER know all the details. 
Naps are heaven sent. 
A nice warm bubble bath with good music makes everything ok. 
The atonement is amazing and miraculous. 
Skype is definitely an inspired invention
Having a loved one suffer with health issues sucks. But the Lord knows that and Ive learned that "This too shall pass" and you will be made strong.
There is great power in the scriptures. 
Don't over think things, that just causes more problems. Just act. 
Prayers are answered. 
Having faith in our Savior is one thing. Having faith in His timing is TOTALLY different, and much harder. 
Take a picture. In fact, take a few. 
Don't judge a person by their blog, just like you wouldn't judge a book by its cover. 
Go to the temple. 
Those you are close to are often the ones that get most of your rotten-ness, yet they still would do anything for you. 
Just live. Life is too short to get caught up in everyday trials and stress. 
Get organized. It does wonders for the soul.
A clean room = a happy person, and better sleep at night. 
Doodle-ing with a really nice pen can bring a smile to your face. Try it. 
Say "I Love You" more.
Remember who you are. Like who you REALLY are. 
Do things that stretch you. Set big goals and pursue them. 
Everyday when your alarm goes off, embrace the day knowing the Lord will bless you. 
Lay out in the sun and just look up at the sky. 
Kill others with kindness. 
Hold a door, say hi, or smile at strangers. You never know what battles they are fighting. 
Sit and do a puzzle, its fun. 
The world is so noisy, everyday try to find a a few minutes of just silence.
Give compliments freely. 
Strong faith works literal miracles in your life. 
Be obedient, in ALL things. 
Be YOU. And embrace it. 
 The world will lie to you. Follow the Savior. That's peace.
Take roadtrips, even if its just for a day. They rock. 
Life is awesome. Embrace it. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

finally successful!

for those of you that know me, even just a little bit, 
know that I cannot cook. 
Like (I'm almost blushing as I type this) even the easiest recipes I seem to destroy in some way. 

Rice Krispies always come out rock hard.
Brown Rice is a joke.
I mean, I could go on and on. 

Part of it is because I haven't done much cooking, and part of it is simply because my talents don't include cooking and baking. 

But...I can say that I FINALLY succeeded. 
Seriously, the BEST meal I have ever had. 

(......insert high fives, clapping, and cheers.......)

I made butternut squash soup. 
Ooooohh. myyyyyyyyy. Goooooooooooosh. 
I'm the only one home and there's tons left. 
So come on over why don't ya?!


It's butternut squash. 
Its actually very orange in real life...the picture doesn't capture it just right. 

I got the recipe here:

You may or may not want to make it every day for your whole life. 
And it's healthy. 
And it gets me in the mood for fall, 
and I love the fall.
Even more then I love this soup, shark week, and the olympics. 

Make it, eat it. 
Your life will be complete. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Not gonna Lie.....

I'm not gonna lie......I really miss this place, and there's a part of me (a surprisingly huge part of me), that really wishes I was here right now:
Getting settled in my new apartment. Meeting new roommates, anxiously preparing for the first day of classes. seeing people on campus I hadn't seen for a bit. The thrill of it all! Those were the days.
                               I even miss the snow and ice that I slipped on constantly.

                             I miss basketball tournaments and intramurals that took place here with people running on the track above.
 I miss devotionals and this amazing building.

 I miss the people I would meet for lunch, social time, group projects and other things in this building.
BYU-Idaho. You were very good to me. I'm a better person because of you. And as much as I curse your coldness and strict ways, I kinda miss studying and being a "college student". EVERYONE should go to BYU-Idaho. I loved it there. The best people I have ever met I met at BYU-Idaho. I know it was a tedner mercy being there.

This truly is the Lord's University. Love it. Love it. Love it.

Maybe that is an answer to prayer that I should go back to school for my masters. yeah. probably is.

Monday, September 3, 2012

As of late....

So, my life has actually been somewhat exciting lately and believe it or not, I have PICTURES to prove it!!! :)

I have of course been hanging out with these handsome boys a lot. I sure have fun being with them. They are my cousins kids and are just so fun, and handsome, and kind of like little brothers to me. 

And then there is THIS princess. Sure love her. She is 100% girl. so much so I don't aways know how to respond because I'm so NOT girly, but she is so cute and such a good girl! 

This is the MONSTER hamburger that my friend and I got when we went to tahoe. It was some hole in the wall burger place that was AMAZING. It was called Burger Me and I think it was in Truckee. But it was phenomenal. It had a huge patty, onion ring, CHILI, a fried egg, cheese, lettuce and a really good sauce.  AMAZING I tell ya. 

Lake Tahoe. Gorgeous, and beautiful weather that day.

Me at lake Tahoe. 

We stopped by Squaw Valley to do some window shopping. It was a really cute little town and I had fun. We weren't there for long, but it was fun! :) 

We went to a Grizzlies game with my YSA ward and it was actually really fun. A good group of people showed up and even though we got DEMOLISHED it was fun. 

This was actually one of the funnest things I've done with these kids. I was watching them while their parents were gone, and they may or may not have been CRAZY hyper, so I brought them outside and we played baseball! It was so fun!! No bickering. I had a baby on my hip, a cute girl next to me, and then these two boys pitching/up to bat. I'm not gonna lie. It made me super anxious to be a mom. Ha! 

Lastly, we started up piano again! We took most of the summer off because they traveled a lot, and I was gone the weekends they were home, but I actually really enjoy it. so we started up again, and I seriously forgot how good they had gotten. time to go shopping for harder books!! :) 

Anyway. Thats the happenings in my life lately. Kind of fun to actually have pictures! :) Im going to have to take more of them!