Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Call

Friday was just like any other day. I went to work, I came home, and went to my cousin Shelly's house to hang out with their kids for a bit and play. Shelly and I indulged in the amazing Baja Fresh, and following dinner I headed over to my friend Danielle's house and caught up with her. 

It seemed that every conversation that day led back to David, his health, how he was in the hospital yet again with decreased lung function, how he was hanging in there, and how he still hadn't gotten his dang lungs. I had been feeling a lot of anxiety the last little bit about David and how he was, and when he would get those lungs.

On my lunch break I came home, and was blog stalking and caught up on a blog about a boy, who was married, with CF, who was red headed just like David, and who got his lungs recently. I was so excited for him, and at the same time, I got frustrated wondering when David would get his lungs. 

So, I was chatting with Danielle and my phone rang at about 11:30 that night. It was my dad, he asked where I was and what I was doing, and I thought it would end there, he was just checking up on me. Well.....I was wrong. He proceeded to say, "Listen, we just got a call from David, and it looks like he is getting lungs. Everything looks perfect on paper, but it won't be for sure until tomorrow morning once they see the lungs and they run a bunch of tests on David."

All I could do was grab my friends knee who was sitting next to me and cover my mouth and say, "Oh my Gosh" about 100 times. This call was something we had prayed for and literally dreamed about for 10 months now. There's no way this was the real thing! 

Well, after that, everything just flew by. I went home, we paced back and forth. acted like we were being productive, and acted like we were going to bed, but of course sleep was not going to happen tonight! We called family members and I called a few close friends, but didn't have the time to call everyone. 

We had heard horror stories about people who were put under and as they were doing the incisions, they found out the organs weren't right for them. So we kept it kind of quiet (code for: off of Facebook!), and packed our bags in hopes that it was the real thing. And after about 2 hours of sleep and lots of laying in bed totally on an adrenaline rush, we got up and made arrangements to leave within a couple hours to go to Utah.

At 9:00 we got the call that it was the real thing, that David was rolling into surgery to get prepped and that it was a go! I couldn't believe it!!!! I was smiling, and trying not to cry and trying to be positive and not worry about the surgery.

My mom and I hopped in the car at about 11:00 and started the drive to Utah. After no sleep that night, and David going into surgery, the already 12 hour drive felt like a dang ETERNITY. Every couple hours we would get updates from David's amazing wife Summer and whoever wasn't driving would send out mass texts, and update our Facebook in order to let everyone know what was going on and how david was doing. 

This was how my facebook page was: 

1. Well, the call came!! David is getting his transplant today!!! Everything looks like a perfect match and we are so grateful!! Pray for both David and the donor family who is faced with the death of their loved one! We are headed to Utah and will keep you updated!!

2. Surgery update: David is four and a half hours into the surgery right now and he is doing great! He's hooked up to the heart and lung machine right now to take some stress off his heart. The new lungs are in the room and they are beginning to replace the left lung first!

3. Surgery update: both lungs are in place and look like a million bucks!! David has done so so well and we are overcome with gratitude and have felt the Lord so close!! They are closing him up right now and he should be out of the OR in the next hour! He had no complications and it went perfect! Miracles continue!!

4. Wow!!! Thank you all do much for your support! David is now in the SICU and is stable, he responded to Summer with some head nods. His lung was stuck to his rib cage when they went to take it out and so he lost more blood and had to have a transfusion after he got out of the OR, but they are monitoring him and are very pleased with how he is. He is full of IVs and four chest tubes and his new lungs are perfect! They will wake him up more as the night goes on and will take out the ventilator tomorrow if all continues to go well! They made much smaller incisions then they originally thought and didn't have to break his sternum which is awesome!!! So many little tender mercies and miracles! This is my last update for tonight but more tomorrow!!
He is over the first major hurdle!!! There will be more as thy figure out the right pain meds and all the other meds!! But so far we are at such peace and so happy!! We are so grateful for our hero who was able to donate their lungs to give Dave a new chance at life and pray for their family to be a peace!

5. He took his first deep breaths :) can't wait to see him!!!! Love him!

6. He is extubated! He's officially breathing fully on his own with his brand-new lungs!!!!!!!!

7. Was just in the SICU with Dave, they had him up and walking and had him sit upright in a chair, he's on lots of pain meds but doing well. Lots of recovery to go but he's doing very very very well!!!!! So glad the Lord is in charge!!!

8. I'm not able to see Dave today because I have a cold but my mom says he is doing well, he took a walk all the way around the nurses station today. The biggest challenge of the day is getting the pain under control. But he is overall doing pretty good. Tender mercies are so abundant!

9. I know you are all probably getting tired of hearing about my brother's double-lung transplant, but, I'm just going to say one more time how amazed I am at how aware the Lord is of each of us, and how much He loves us. I don't think I've ever seen it manifested so clearly as I have the last 10 months as my brother was waiting for a lung transplant, and even more so now that he has had new lungs for 4 days and is already walking, and being amazing. I love modern day miracles.

I am still in shock that he has new lungs, that he is doing well, and that everything has worked out so perfectly. It just doesn't seem real. Now that I am back at home and things turned out so well, I've been overwhelmed with emotion, gratitude, love, and exhaustion. I have gotten emotional many times today as I have thought about the miracles that have taken place the last 5 days in our family.

I can't believe that the call we waited so long for came and after that everything went so fast. We have felt your prayers and know that your prayers and faith are the reason why David is doing so well. If I wasn't so exhausted I would go into detail with all the miracles and tender mercies that we saw. 

So here is just a few:
*David was already in the hospital was was getting stronger
*They didn't have to break any bones or cut through any ribs which makes recovery a little easier
*We were able to drop everything and go up there
*We felt the lord so close and know that He was there guiding the Dr's and nurses because of how the surgery went
*The nurses and doctors are in shock at how fast he is recovering, they have never seen anyone recover this fast. 
*He already has two of the four chest tubes out and is probably going home this weekend!!!! 

David already looks better and has more color. He looks so much healthier already. 

Well, this is it for tonight. I'm exhausted, and emotional and so so so grateful.

I know God lives.
I know He is in charge.
I know He knows us and loves us perfectly.
I was reminded through this experience how important His timing is.
We are so blessed!!!!!