Friday, November 29, 2013

a day late…but who cares! :)

I have so much to be grateful for this year. SO much.

Utah. family. friends. church. Jesus Christ. My testimony. warm weather. windy days. good music. my health. David's health. Having a brother on a mission. Be able to serve. love. my ward. my bishopbric. the mountains. sunshine. hoodies. good books. progress. goals accomplished. relationships. tender mercies. temples. good workouts. warm towels fresh out of the laundry. sisters in law. laughter. home teachers that come every month. a car. an apartment that is in the perfect location. service opportunities. faith. hope. employment. my education. cute boys. mission memories. inspiration. the Lord's guiding hand in my life. sports. good conversations. new friends i've made. that I'm going home in 22 days. christmas lights. talents I've been blessed with. roommates. modern day miracles. the restoration of the gospel. Modern day prophets. The Plan of Salvation. scriptures. eternal perspectives. the United States of America (how blessed are we, really though? It's not perfect, but it's great.) Health insurance. future opportunities presenting themselves.

I could go on and on. I'm just feeling very grateful.

The Lord's hand and His perfect love have been so clear in my life and the life of my family over the past two years. Life is so good.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Utah Vs. California

I love Utah, like absolutely love it. Moving to Utah has been one of the most inspired most life changing moves I've made.

I have compared a lot of different aspects of both, and just FYI for whoever cares/doesn't care, this is what I've noticed. DISCLAIMER: What I'm about to say doesn't apply to everyone in every group. So if you get peeved with generalizations, don't continue reading. There are people in Utah and California that don't fit these molds.

Utah drivers absolutely suck. No offense to my Utah buddies. But they do. Here's why:
They do NOT know how to use round abouts, at all. They come to a complete stop regardless of whether or not anyone else is there. Californians hardly ever stop. Not sure which is worse. It's all about yielding people!
They don't know how to use their blinkers. EVER. and then the get mad when you "don't let them over"  ….how are we supposed to know??...
If you try to pass someone on the freeway, they will speed up so you can't and then slow down until you try to pass them again. CRUISE CONTROL FOOLS.
Utah drivers NEVER let you over. Ever. You can have your blinker on to go over and they will speed up so you can't get over and then drive right next to you.
However, California drivers flip you off more and are more aggressive (due to the lack of morals! (: ), but overall smarter drivers.

LDS People:
Utah has SOLID fast and testimony meetings. Like SOLID. Californians tend do more of travel logs.
Utah has way more activities , probably due to the number of YSAs, but way more activities, and everyone goes to everything, and they make it fun. California YSAs struggle a little bit with having a lot of activities. (I LOVED my california ward, don't get me wrong)
The leaders in Utah are very much overseers and let YSAs take control, where as in California the YSAs are treated like youth a lot of times and not trusted with responsibility.
Utah members are much more accepting of Caffeine. It's served at ward and stake activities and openly embraced. Californian's think you are going to hell and shouldn't have a recommend if you drink caffeine.
Utah members do a lot more on Sunday's; lots of people taking walks, playing with their kids outside, and it's not uncommon to be driving by the store and seeing families in church clothes walking in/out. Now I don't shop on sunday, but I do like how they really use sundays for family time, inside or outside. California members I feel like are much more strict on sabbath day activities. Neither one is good or bad, both have perks, just an observation.
Utah members (SOME, not all) are very much sunday members. They go to church and preach, but some do what they want throughout the week. California definitely has those members, but because there are fewer, I feel like they really understand what it's like to have to stand up for their beliefs and be an example. Californian's know what its like to be the only member in a class/school and they have to stay strong. Some Utah members don't know what that's like to really have to stand up, even in the YSA age group.

Utah shopping:
MUCH better. Better restaurants, better food, better stores, better prices, better variety, better everything. No need to expand any further on that.

Utah rocks it, hands down. These mountains are my favorite thing on planet earth.
I do miss the central valley, but not for the scenery, but for the agriculture. Utah has no clue what good produce is. Lettuce is sour almost always, apples are disgusting, bananas have a weird texture. Even if they come from california, they just aren't as fresh/good/etc.

Anyway, I'm sure someone will think I'm judgmental by this post, but know that I loved, absolutely loved everything I had in California growing up, and I love Utah now, just some observations…..Take it for what its worth. And don't be offended. okthanksbye.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


I don't even need the rich part….

Friday, November 8, 2013

Random Compliments

So sometimes, I get REALLY random compliments, and sometimes I thrive off those compliments and talk about them for days!

Here's one I got yesterday:

Doctor: "Lindsay, I'm so thankful for you"
Me: "Thanks?"
Doctor: "No really, you are the only girl around here who doesn't have reverse PMS" (Keep in mind, I work in an office with all girls basically, out of all the employees, there's three guys)
Me: "What's reverse PMS?"
Doctor: "It's when you are grumpy three weeks a month, and happy one."
Me: …..
Doctor: "Lindsay, laugh, that's supposed to be funny, I just made that up."
Me: start laughing.

Doctors can be nutty, and sometimes they give funny compliments, but I'll take that as a good thing, I'm not grumpy.

Thanks doc.