Thursday, November 20, 2014

Choosing to Stand.

Soooo….I'm sitting here on my bed, it's only 8:28 at night and yet I'm pooped, and I should be doing homework considering the fact that it is finals week, but I'm not. My mind is racing about two big things. 

The Plan. 
How does it apply to my life, Today? 
How can I have faith in this huge plan? 
What is my role in His plan? 
How can I understand His timing and accept it?

So. many. thoughts. 
I've posted on this before I know, clearly there is still a lot more I need to learn, as my thoughts keep coming back to this! 

But if we go back a few short long years ago, we can reflect on what happened in the pre mortal existence. 
We lived there with our Heavenly Father, our Savior Jesus Christ, our families, and each other. 
We walked, talked, learned, and we made a crucial decision. 
We chose to take a stand. 
We stood up for the plan.
We stood up for what we believed. 
We stood against Satan.
We stood for truth. 

And………we won the war. 
The war in the pre mortal life, with Christ's plan vs. Satan's plan, I believe, is a lot like the war we are fighting now. I don't believe it was a war with combat and weapons. 
But a war of good vs. evil. 
right vs. wrong.
happiness vs. misery

And, we won. The #1 piece of evidence that we have to prove that is because we are all here on this earth. 
And even though we may not see them, we have Angels surrounding us now just like they were then, helping us be victorious every single day in this battle against Satan. 

The war is real. We cannot give in. 
But we have to realize whose plan it is. 
It is our Savior's. 
And His sacrifice, His perfect love, His Atonement is what makes this plan work
Do we REALLY understand the power that gives us? 
Really though. 

And since this is Our Savior's plan, it is not going to fail. Ever. 
And because we are the Savior's, WE are not going to fail either. Ever. 

President Hinckley (LOVE that man) said, 
"You were not sent here to fail. You were sent here to succeed, and succeed you will" 

We are going to be victorious despite the trials, hardships, tribulations, and plot twists that come our way. And just like in the pre mortal life, 
We need to choose to take a stand. 
We need to stand up for the plan.
We need to stand up for what we believe. 
We need to stand against Satan.
We need to stand for truth.

The Book of Mormon teaches us about the Plan perfectly, and about Heavenly Father's desire to teach us that plan. How anxious are we to learn it? 
In 3 Nephi, when Christ visits the people here on the American continent, He begins teaching the gospel, and in a nutshell he says, "you guys think about what I have taught you, and I will be back to teach you more tomorrow."As He went to depart, the people wept and begged Him to stay and teach them more, and He did. He stayed and He continued to heal, bless, uplift and strengthen. 

Do we approach the Savior this way? I've been thinking about this.
When the Savior is trying to teach me things, how do I respond? Am I like the people in ancient times, where I don't feel I can get enough of His teachings? Do I trust Him and His plan enough to understand that not all blessings will come when I want them, that plot twists are not punishment, but a chance to learn and grow and become more like Him. Do I trust Him enough to let Him guide me through the earthly part of this plan and guide me back to the presence of our Heavenly Father? 

Which leads to this: Do I understand who I am?? 
Do I understand WHOSE I am? 
Do I understand, realize and humbly embrace my self-worth? 
I believe in His plan. I know it is real. 
But sometimes I forget that I am His. I forget that just like the people on the American continent, I can ask Him to stay with me, to comfort me, to bless me, and to heal me of my imperfections. 
I'm working on this part of it, and it is an exciting (albeit somewhat stressful) journey. 

Once we recognize the plan. 
Once we remember who we are…like really. 
We will understand our role in that plan. 
We will know everything we need to know in order to find peace amidst the storms of life. 

Plot twists are going to happen. It is inevitable. How will we respond? 
Will we choose to stand firm? Will we choose to stand against Satan's desires to bring us down? Will we choose to stand with the Savior when we don't think we can go any further?

As we know and understand His plan, we will know that there is always hope and happiness waiting for us, if we choose to see it. It may come in the more unexpected ways, but it will come. 
I KNOW it will come. 

Because of the plan, there's a few other things we know. 
We know who we are and who we can become. 
We know God's love for us. 
We know truth.
We know what is waiting for us. 
We know the blessings that are ours for the taking if we just have faith and choose to believe. 
Happiness unmatched. 
Peace beyond comprehension.
Life with our Savior, our Father, and our families. 

So much is waiting for us. 
If we just believe. 
If we just have hope.
If we trust in His promises.

If we choose to once again, stand.