Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Can you see it?

We were given a challenge in the Illinois Peoria Mission, 
to see everyone that we meet as if they were dressed in white, standing in the baptismal font, in the temple, being sealed to their families, etc.

The purpose of this was to help us see their potential. When we met someone, we didn't want to get caught up on their temporal selves, but we wanted to see them as they COULD be. 
For me, that was easy. I saw them as relief society presidents, as primary presidents, as the future bishop, as future missionaries, etc. I saw them as valiant servants of God that had endless potential, and I saw them dressed in white, ready, at some time, to meet their maker. 

About a year and a half ago, I had an amazing friend who I was confiding in, and we were having a real heart to heart, and she is an office manager at a counseling office. She suggested that I may find some benefit in seeing a counselor every so often. Just to work through a couple things and be able to have someone who could just help me sort some things out. (Ps: EVERYONE should see a counselor at some point, it has been incredible)

Well, I was recently talking to him and he said something that changed my life. 
He said: 
"If the thoughts you have about yourself do not have a divine origin, they should not be entertained"

Mind. Blown. 

Like seriously. 
Why is it so easy for us to see others with nonjudgmental eyes?
Why is it so easy for us to see the potential of others, despite their mistakes? 
But for us? We have a tendency to see ourselves as broken, worthless, powerless, and of little worth. 
Why is it so easy for us to focus on our mistakes, on our shortcomings, and on our imperfections? 

Why can't we picture ourselves as CEOs, Managers, Husbands and Wives, Parents, and Leaders of all kinds? 
Even more importantly, why can't we see ourselves having all that He has, with worlds without end, being perfected and being as He is?

Satan attacks us on at all angles, and strives to make us feel like dirt. 
Social media. 
TV, Movies, Magazines, etc.
Celebrities with fake and plastic everything (if you know what I mean!) 

And those things are made to look glamorous, and popular and happy. 

So, before we get caught up on everything we aren't, and everything we don't have, let's focus on who we have the potential to become.
Let's picture OURSELVES dressed in white, standing before the Savior, being perfected, exalted beings, even as He is. 
Can you see it?

Let's focus our thoughts there, instead of where the world would have us focus.

That's what I want to become. 

Let's all be a little kinder…to ourselves. 

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